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Schools and their Teachers

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Schools and their Teachers

Primary School Head Teachers 1950s

Collins Street1951 – 1955Laurence A. Kelly
1955 – 1957Henry A. Campbell
1958 – onwardsCyril T. McCullough
Commercial Road1950 – 1952Stephen Hartup
1952 – 1957James R. Elliott
1957 – onwardsJohn H. Sturtz
Crinigan Road1957W. P. Liston (Acting)
1957D. W. Pollock (Acting)
1958 – onwardsThomas Monahan
Tobruk Street1954 – 1956John I. Evans
1956 – 1958Reginald L. Walton
1958 – onwardsRaymond Simcocks

More information is required for these following schools:

  • Commercial Road Primary School
  • Morwell High School
  • Tobruk Street Primary School
  • Crinigan Road Primary School
  • St. Vincents Catholic School
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Morwell Park Primary School
  • Morwell Technical School