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Fire March 1927 – Tarwin Street

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Fire March 1927 – Tarwin Street

“Capads” Co-Operative Store destroyed by fire

The ringing of local fire bell at 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning last, disturbed residents from their peaceful slumbers and for some time much excitement prevailed, and it was not long before there was a large gathering of folk, the majority of whom were only partially dressed.

It was soon discovered that the scene of the fire was the general store at the corner of Tarwin and George streets, directly opposite Mechanics’ Hall, owned by “Capads” Co-operative Company. The outbreak was first noticed by Mr. W. Jenkins from his bedroom window. He was awakened by a crackling sound, and on looking out of the window saw flames inside “Capads” store.

He immediately rushed to the fire bell which he rang vigorously for some time. There was an immediate response to the alarm, by both townspeople and members of the Fire Brigade, who with Capt. Noy in command, were soon at work. The building, however, was an old one, and the fire had got such a hold, before arrival of brigade, that there was no hope of saving the place or any of the contents. The pressure of water was also poor, and there were leaks in hose which added further dificulty to the task.

Fortunately there was scarcely a breath of wind, and as the building was somewhat isolated no difficulty was experienced in preventing the outbreak from spreading to the Mechanics’ Hall or other adjacent buildings. In about alf an hour, after the alarm had been given, the building and the whole of the contents were reduced to ashes, and the folk went home to bed.

The origin of the fire is unknown. The store was closed at 5.30 the previous evening when everything appeared to be in order. We understand that the loss is partly covered by insurance in the Phoenix Assurance Company.

Members of Water Trust consider the poor pressure of water was due to a number of householders leaving their taps turned on in their gardens and stated such ofenders will be prosecuted in future.