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Collins Street School Reunion October 21, 2001

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Collins Street School Reunion October 21, 2001

The Collins Street School community celebrated on Sunday October 21 – 2001 to mark the 50th anniversary of the school’s opening. A sign marking the schools site was unveiled at the ceremony. Many ex students and teachers attended the ceremony to mark another important time in the history of Morwell.

Many former teachers and students attended

Mixed emotions were felt by all

MHS President Steven Hellings officiated

Former student Peter Ross

An interesting collection of memorabilia

Engrossed in memories

Young and aged all enjoyed the occasion

Concentration and memories

A well laid out display of history

A welcome cuppa provided

A wonderful way to remember

All were fascinated

Is that you mum?

The Karma Hall provided a great venue for this occasion

Hundreds attended

Reunion notice