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Maryvale Ridge School No.1939

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Maryvale Ridge School No.1939

This school was established on 17th. August 1877, it was situated at the junction of the Maryvale Ridge Road and the railway line, approximately one mile east of Morwell Township.

Morwell East farmers, Andrew MATHEWS and James MATSON petitioned the authorities for a school in January 1877, District Inspector HOLLAND agreed to provide a teacher and school furniture if the community could provide a building.

Unfortunately, the building was not at all satisfactory. It was a small hut with perpendicular slabs, it had a thatched roof, bark ridging and an earthen floor. In wet weather the floor was always awash and wooden planks were often used to negotiate a safe way around the puddles.

If drinking water was required it necessitated a trip to Waterhole Creek, a distance of half a mile! Wet conditions were not the only problem that the children had to face, in February 1879 the class room received an unwelcome visit from a large snake, this had an immediate impact on attendance figures which fell from an average of 16 children per day to only 3-4 children per day.

Maryvale Ridge School closed on May 31st. 1879. During it’s short lifetime it had only one teacher – Miss Zenna McCrory. Zenna married John Rintoull the Morwell Blacksmith in April 1879.

The majority of the pupils from Maryvale Ridge transferred to Morwell School No. 2136.