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Crinigan Road Primary School No.4692

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Crinigan Road Primary School No.4692

The last primary school to be erected in this period [c1950-1960] was Crinigan Road (No. 4692). The site chosen for this school was on the corner of Maryvale Road, in fact it was intended that the school would be called “Maryvale Road” but the education authorities decided upon the change of name to avoid confusion with other schools (secondary) which were located or under construction on or near Maryvale Road.

The school complex consisting of eight buildings was ready for students in early July 1957. Owing to the poor condition of the school grounds it remained unoccupied until the fifth and sixth grade pupils moved in on Monday July 29th. The remaining grades commenced on Wednesday July 31st. 260 students attended classes in the first week. Thirty ‘beginners’ commenced their schooling on Monday August 5th.

The first head teacher (Acting) was Mr. W. P. Liston.

Staff: Miss M. Cook; Miss Y. Aslett ;Miss A. Crook; Mrs. F. Neville; Mr. J. Langley; Mr. R. Mentiplay

The school committee was formed in early 1958. The first office bearers were:

  • President: Mr. Harold Westgarth; 
  • Secretary: Mr. Peter Duncan;
  • Treasurer: Mr. Duncan Guthrie