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Boer War Soldiers and Civilians

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Boer War Soldiers and Civilians

Soldiers and civilians who lived in the Shire of Morwell before the Boer War in South Africa, on enlistment and after the war.


  • ASHLEY, Private Aubrey Frederick
  • BLANDFORD, Private Charles Walter
  • BLANDFORD, Private Ernest Henry
  • BOLDING, Private George William
  • BOLDING, Private John
  • BOND, Private William Henry
  • CONWAY, Private Francis Bernard
  • COOK, Lance Corporal Henry Ernest
  • COOK, Private William Henry
  • CRAVEN, Private William Henry
  • CRUTCHFIELD, Private Rowland
  • CUNNINGTON, Private William Shelton
  • DOBBIN, Quartermaster Sergeant James Henry
  • ELLIOTT, Private George William
  • FRANCIS, Private William Collier
  • FRAZIER, Sergeant Samuel Arthur
  • FURLONG, Trooper Thomas Bernard
  • GRAHAM, Private David Burgoyne
  • HAIZ, Private Albert Xavier
  • HALL, Private Morton
  • HOLMES, Private Thomas Harold
  • JARVIE, Private Peter James
  • KELLS, Private Edward James
  • KELLS, Private Patrick William
  • KELLS, Private Robert Francis
  • KIRWIN, Private Henry May
  • LINDSAY, Private Joseph Herbert
  • MCDONALD, Private James Stephen Maher
  • MCDONALD, Sergeant Michael Terence
  • MCINNES, Private John
  • MCINNES, Trooper Malcolm Alexander
  • MACMILLAN, Private Alexander Campbell
  • MORAN, Corporal John Thomas
  • MURCUTT, Corporal Joseph Wilson James
  • NADENBOUSCH, Private John
  • NUTTALL, Private Isaac
  • PETTIT, Corporal George
  • PORTER, Corporal Ernest
  • ROSE, Farrier Thomas Joel
  • SHAW, Private David John
  • SHAW, Private Donald Coll
  • SHAW, Lance Corporal Hugh Thomas
  • SHAW, Private Michael Charles Alfred
  • SHAW, Corporal Septimus Lachlan
  • STONE, Private Charles Edwin
  • THOMSON, Private James Peter
  • WALDON, Captain William Hugh Maxwell
  • WALKER, Private Francis
  • WHITE, Sergeant David James
  • WHITE, Private Thomas
  • WILLIAMSON, Private Joseph


  • GAY, Telegraphist, John Wilson
  • SMITH, Farrier, Edwin Phillip
  • SURMAN, Clerk, Theodore Oswald

Some soldiers served in two units and may have different ranks.