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About us

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About us

Who are we?

Morwell Historical Society is an active group dedicated to fostering an interest in the heritage of the district of Morwell, Victoria. The Society pursues the recording, preservation and publication of the history of our area.

Our society was formed in 1962 and has finally found a home in the iconic 1927 building, previously occupied by the Masonic Lodge at 12 Hazelwood Road, Morwell.


RHSVRoyal Historical Society of Victoria

GAAHS – Gippsland Association of Affiliated Historical Societies, including some Family History Societies. These societies stretch from Drouin in the west to Mallacoota in the east and from Walhalla in the north to all of South Gippsland.

Latrobe Regional Historical Societies

Gippsland Cataloguers –  We are currently working towards a centralised database of the records of the member societies of GAAHS to be made available in each of the participating societies’ libraries.

Benefits of membership

By becoming a member of this vibrant Historical Society, you may:

  • Participate in interesting monthly events and discussions
  • Have the opportunity to be in contact with people with similar interests
  • Gain personal access to the collection of the Society
  • Receive regular newsletters containing items of local interest and news of Society events
  • Know that your knowledge is contributing to expanding our collection of local history

Note: You do not need to have a knowledge of the area as membership provides an opportunity to learn.