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Sergeant Michael T. McDonald

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Sergeant Michael T. McDonald

Sad Death of Sergeant MT McDonald

Morwell and Yinnar Gazette Friday, 19th April 1901

To say that deep sympathy was felt for the deceased’s parents and relatives all over the district when the sad news became known that Sergeant Michael Terence McDonald, a member of the fifth Victorian Contingent, had died from debility in South Africa, but faintly indicates the sincere sorrow that was felt at his sudden death.

He was the son of Mr and Mrs McDonald, of Yinnar, and was only 20 years of age. When he enlisted in the last contingent he was hale and hearty, and was blessed with a sound and healthy constitution, which makes his death all the more sad and unexpected, seeing that he died of general debility, which simply means a running down of the system.

All who knew him were under the impression that he would have seen long service in South Africa, consequently this untimely event has been a severe shock to his friends and admirers. He was one of those genial, kind hearted souls, who seem to make friends wherever they go.

Besides being a general favourite he was a good sportsman, and has figured conspicuously in the local football and cricket clubs.

To his aged parents the blow is a severe one, but it is comforting to know that they have the deep sympathy of all the residents in this district who mourn with them in their sad bereavement.

When any of our brave soldier boys die, we all feel that we have sustained a severe loss, because we look upon them as belonging to us in a general sense.

As the news to hand only mentions the bare fact of his death, the exact nature of his complaint, and the circumstances attending his death will not be known for some time yet.

Before leaving these shores he was raised from a private to the rank of a sergeant, which is a great honour to be conferred upon one so young.