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Trooper Alex Macmillan

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Trooper Alex Macmillan

Welcome Home to Trooper Alex Macmillan

Gazette: 11th January 1901

On Tuesday night Trooper Alex. Macmillan, a member of Cameron’s Scouts, returned to Morwell. Although it was only known an hour or so before the train arrived that he was coming, there was a large crowd present on the platform to receive him, and he was accorded a most affectionate and a hearty greeting. A number of his friends invited him to the Cricketers Arms Hotel, where Mr. J. B. Hoyle proposed his health. In doing so he said that they were proud to welcome him home again, and were pleased with the valiant manner he had fought for the grand old flag in South Africa.

The lads that had gone from Australia were amongst the bravest of the brave, and they had therefore every reason to be proud of them. This was only an impromptu gathering, as he was not aware that Trooper Macmillan was going to return by train until a short time before it was due. He hoped that Trooper Macmillan would live long amongst them to enjoy the honour he had won in far off South Africa. He then called upon them to fill their glasses and drink his health, which was received with musical honours.

Mr. R. Tulloch then sang “Soldiers of the Queen” in fine style. Mr. Donald Macmillan said 

he had been asked by his brother to respond on his behalf. He thanked them for the kind and courteous reception they had extended to his brother. They could well understand the diffidence he felt in saying anything about his own kin, but he was proud of what his brother had done in the battle field and was glad to see him back again.