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A Journey in Time – A Resource for Local History


Ackland, P.J.LMinister, St. Mary’s Church of England, 1940-1945
Adamthwaite, J.C.Minister, St. Luke’s Methodist Church, 1958-1963
Adeney, A.E.Minister, St. Mary’s Church of England, 1913-1918
Allen, JohnParish Priest, Sacred heart, 1991-
Barclay, F.Minister, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1903-1906
Benn, L.W.A.Minister, St. Mary’s Church of England, 1928-1935
Beyer, T.D. (Donald)Minister, St. Mary’s Church of England, 1935-1940
Bowen, R.N.Minister, St. Luke’s Methodist Church, 1964-1967
Bramley, W.J.Minister, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1968-1979
Fr. E.J. ColemanParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1892-1913
Fr. D.G. McMahonParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1913-1916
Fr. Martin HayesParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1916-1925
Fr. John NolanParish Priest Sacred Heart Church 1925-1937
Fr. J.J. McCormackParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1937-1953
Mons. F.S. CroweParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1953-1964
Fr. Noel DalyParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1964-1971
Fr. W.J. CaffreyParish Priest Sacred Heart Church, 1971-1979
Fr.W.J. CaffreyParish Priest of St. Vincent’s  1957-1959
Fr. F. O’ReganParish Priest of St. Vincent’s  1959-1962
Fr. J. WilsonParish Priest of St. Vincent’s  1962-1965
Fr. P.W. HarrisParish Priest of St. Vincent’s  1965-1972
Fr. D.A. CagneyParish Priest of St. Vincent’s  1972-1979

The Presbyterian Ministers from 1885

E. Eldridge1885-1889
Robert Murray1889-1891
Angus McDonald1892-1899
D. Bruce (Relieving)1895-1896
Angus McDonald1897-1900
Edgar Law1900-1902
F. Barclay1903-1906
J. Millar-Smith1907-1912
H.A. Hutchinson1913-1916
J. Garnon-Owen1917-1922
E.L. Slade-Mallon1923-1925
J.A. Craigen1925-1928
A.E. Harvey1929-1930
S.A. Vertigan1931-1934
W.S. Laity1935-1937
Norman Faichney1939-1941
H.W. Hovenden1942-1945
F.H. Camp1946-1950
A.H. Thomson1950-1956
L.G. Wood1957-1961
P.W. Gilles1962-1968
W.J. Bramley1968-1979

Morwell Methodist Ministers from 1904

Herbert Williams1904-1907
William Seamen1907-1910
J.E. Wills1910-1913
F.R. Wilks1913-1914
D. Julian1914-1915
G. Morris1915-1918
E. Pryor1919-1920
A.G. Day1920-1924
A.E. Brownbill1924-1926
Arthur A. Lyons1926-1927
T. Dickson1927
H.L. Hawkins1928-1929
G.T. Inglis1929-1931
William E. Oliver1931-1933
C. Edwards1933-1936
H. Sutherland1937-1940
H.E. Walsh1940-1943
C. Poxon1943-1947
E.A. Hinson1947-1951
Robert H. Hunt1951-1954
N.E. Derbyshire1954-1958
J.C. Adamthwaite1958-1963
R.N. Bowen1964-1967
B. Howe1967
K. Mather1968-1971
R. Foulkes1971-1979