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Collins Street Primary School No.4655

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Collins Street Primary School No.4655

Tho Last Staff at Collins Street Primary No. 4655

Collins Street Primary School was officially opened on a five acre site situated at the corner of Mary Street on Monday 30th. April 1951. The initial school population numbered some 200 pupils. The Prep. Class was not enrolled until July and until the end of the school year was housed in the Church of England Hall in Latrobe Road.

The first head teacher was Mr. Laurence A. Kelly.

The first school committee was elected at a meeting held on Tuesday, May 15th.

Those successful were: 

  • Messrs. R. C. Cousins,
  • L.W. Bond,
  • E.J. McElroy,
  • R. A. Froomes,
  • R. H. Guy,
  • D. W. Wallis, and 
  • J. L. Palmerc.

The committee office bearers were:

  • Chairman: R. A. Froomes 
  • Correspondent: D. W. Wallis 
  • Treasurer: R. C. Cousins