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Morwell on the March – Transport

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Morwell on the March – Transport

Railway Services

In August 1952 the following passenger fares applied : Morwell to Melbourne First Class  Single 22/3, Return 29/6 Second Class: Single 17/9, Return 23/8

On Monday, 1st September 1952 the trial run of a diesel locomotive operating on the Melbourne to Bairnsdale line took place. The locomotive (B60) arrived in Morwell at 10.20am, nearly 30 minutes late !!! The train consisted of eight empty carriages (including a restaurant car) and a guards van.

Monday 17th November 1952 saw the implementation of a “two-division” timetable on the Gippsland line. The new diesel-electric locomotives hauled the “first division” from Melbourne to Bairnsdale, while the “second division” from Melbourne to Traralgon was hauled by steam locomotive.

The first division trains equipped with air-conditioned carriages and a buffet car service ran express from Melbourne to Warragul then stopped at Moe, Morwell, Traralgon, Sale and Bairnsdale. The second division trains stopped at all stations.

Extract from Timetable

  • Steam – Melbourne to Traralgon
  • Daily: 7.40 am arrive Morwell 11am 
  • Daily: 6.00pm arrive Morwell Monday, Friday and Saturday 9.37pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.46pm.
  • Friday: 4.25pm arrive Morwell 8.00pm 
  • Saturday: 12.50pm arrive Morwell 4.30pm
  • Diesel – Melbourne to Bairnsdale
  • Daily: 8.35am arrive Morwell 11.05am

The main passenger train in operation between Melbourne and Sale was named: “The Gippslander” in 1954

On a less positive note, Hazelwood Station (Mirboo North Line) was closed to all traffic on 22nd. September 1953.

Transport Regulation Board

The Gippsland Regional Headquarters of the Transport Regulation Board moved from Warragul to Morwell in 1951.

Originally situated at 23 Ann Street, the office was relocated to the 2nd floor of the “Norman and Cartledge” building in Commercial Road. The change was effective from Monday April 13th 1953. Mr. Dennis Quinn was the Regional Manager.

Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

A Patrol Station of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (R.A.C.V.) opened in Morwell in July 1957. The first Patrol Officer was Mr. D. Clarkson. Mr. Clarkson came to Morwell from Dandenong. The station – Mr. Clarkson’s residence, was located near the corner of Tarwin and George Streets.