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Morwell North School No.2621

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Morwell North School No.2621

This school was originally referred to as the Maryvale North School, it was officially opened on 1st. September 1884, it closed on 24th. June 1892 but reopened on 18th. June 1900.

Head Teachers

1884-1886John Bardin
1887Morris Brandt
1887-1890John B. Coon
1900Agnes Smith
1901Lydia J. Barnett
1902Mary O’Connor
1903-1912Violet M. Parker
1912Stella F. Pell
1912-1914Reuben Holt
1915-1916Henry J. Collins
1916-1917Stephen Hartup
1917-1920Grace Pedersen
1920-1921Michael Keamy
1926-1930Doris A. Tinkler
1931-1944John O. Young
1945-1952William H. Thompson
1953-1954Bernard Barber
1955Patrick Keehan
1955-1957Ronald C. Bryant
1958-1959Hartley Tobin
1960Francis G. Stow
1960Terence E. Bunting
1961-1962Brian P. Pekin
1963-1964Peter J. Schlitz
1965-1966Peter Morris
1967Brian Smith
1968Darrell Blewett