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Morwell High School

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Morwell High School

Morwell High School was constructed on a site at the corner of McDonald Street and Holmes Road. The school came into existence on 7th February 1956 but for the first twelve months students were ferried by bus to accommodation at the old elementary school in Grey Street, Traralgon. The first year enrolment figures were 37 boys and 97 girls, giving a total of 134 students.

The first staff members were: Mr. H. J. Slattery (Head Master); Mr. J. A. Mitchell (Senior Master); Miss J. F. E. Goodwill (Senior Mistress); Mr. J. M. Murfett; Mr. A.A. Van Rossum; Miss B. R. Davies; Mrs. J. M. Fendlay

The school was not officially opened until October 1959. The Honourable J. S. Bloomfield M.L.A., Minister for Education performed the official opening. The first school captains: Peter Tatterson and Nina Debono were appointed at the commencement of the 1959 academic year.