Morwell War Memorial


Morwell War Memorial on its original site at the level crossing between Commercial Road and Station Street (later Princes Highway).  It was later moved to its present position on the Princes Highway opposite Hoyle Street.  The old Methodist Church is just visible to the left of the Memorial and Dayble's blacksmith shop to the right.


Programme of the unveiling Ceremony, Morwell War Memorial, June 6, 1921.  Well known Morwell businessman John Barton Hoyle worked tirelessly for the building of this Memorial.  He died on the morning of its unveiling.

World War 1 - Names Inscribed on War Memorial 

*Killed in action

* Allis G. Francis J. Pettit H.
Amiet C. Graur R. L. Pryor W.
* Amiet F. D. Hall J. A. Pryke R.
Anderson C. Hall S. D. Rowell F.
Billingsley A. H. Hare Bert Rowe C.
Butters C. * Handler P. Ronald A. Q
Butters R. Hogan E. J. Rintoull W. G. (D.C.M.)
Brown H. H. Kleine F. W. Saddler J.
Brinsmead F. S. Whitelaw A. Smith C.
Collins W. Whitelaw D. Symons H.
Collins J. S. F. Keegan F. Thomas L. G.
Cooper H. S. Little K. Thomas R. W.
Capon W. V. Lock E. * Thomson R. H.
Davey R. R. Lyons C. * Tulloch J.
Davey E. W. Lyons R. P. Vunell C. R. E.
Davey W. R. Miller F. Vinall H. V.
Davey C. E. Maher A. Wood A.
Duncanson J. Maher L. Wilkins F.
Dusting C. * McIntosh A. Warnett J.
* Dusting H. Neal A. E. Warnetyt W. H.
Derham H. * O’Donnell T. Young J. A.
Derham F. S.

World War 2 – Killed in action
Allen H. A. Eason L. W. McDonald D.
Angus C. P. Evans H. T. Muncaster J.
Bolitho H. Ferguson R. W. Murray A. M.
Bolton C. R. A. Gair N. Peter T.
Bowden N. J. Green D. I. A. Read L. H. M.
Brudge W. G. Hewat G, A, Roy E. W.
Catterick J. H. Horsefall L. Sillcock R. R.
Deanne A. Johnson F. Stagg J. L.
Deering C. J. King L. S. Templer R. C.
Doolan W. T. Lawrence F. E. Tienery R.
Dickson L. H. McArthur D. Turner R. H.
Williams R. K.

Vietnam War – Killed in action

Adrian Rich