Products and Market Prices

The following information was extracted from an article published in the Morwell and Yinnar Gazette on Friday, 18th January 1901
Commercial Intelligence PRODUCE MARKETS
Farm, Dairy Produce and Poultry salesmen 491-497 Flinders Lane West
Report Wednesday, January 16, 1901
Prices realised to-day
Cheese: Market steady Prime matured lines 9½d to 10d; Prime new 4½d to 5½d
Potted Butter: Good 6½d to 7¼d
Fresh Butter: Prime factory lump 8½d to 9d
Eggs: Market easier. Guaranteed lines 7d to 7¼d per dozen
Bacon: Market Dull. Town cured sides - 5½d to 6¼d; Middles, 6¾d to 7d
Hams 7½d to 8½d. Pig cheeks 1½d to 2d. Feet 1½d to 2d
Honey: Prime extracted 3d to 3½d; Medium to 3d; beeswax wanted, 1s. 1d to 1s 1½d per lb
Poultry: Market easier. Young roosters realised 3/3 to 5/1; chickens 1/0 to 2/3, hens and mixed
lots, 2/0 to 3/2; Old ducks, 2/6 to 3/0; Ducklings 2s 0d to 4s 11d; Turkeys, Gobblers,
prime full grown; 12/6 to 18/6, according to size and condition. Geese 3/3 to 6/3
Potatoes: £4 to £4 10
Onions: £4 10 to £5