Morwell Petty Sessions

Advertiser Thursday June 20 1901
Before Mr C. A. Creswell, P.M. and Messrs Vary, Edney and Hall, J. P.s

P. J. Gorman, police constable residing at Morwell, proceeded against J. Watson for leaving an obstruction, in the shape of a dray, on the road, on the night of 18th April, without a light being attached.

The Constable stated that on the evening of 18th April defendant started home from Morwell with a dray load of manure, but whilst going up the Ridge cutting the dray broke down.

Defendant then returned to Morwell and asked him if it was necessary to put a light on the dray. He (witness) said "yes", and told him to remove it first thing next morning. Defendant, however, did not put a light on the dray, and left it on the road all next day. At 8 p.m. on the 19th, he in company with defendant removed the obstruction. The cutting at the place is 18ft wide and 5 ft deep, and there was scarcely room for a vehicle to pass.

G. Billingsley, carrier, gave evidence that he had some difficulty in passing the dray with a load of timber. There, however, was plenty room for a vehicle to pass. A. Green, draper’s assistant deposed that he heard Constable Gorman tell defendant, on the night of 18th April, to put a light on the dray and remove it first thing next morning. Defendant stated the dray broke down in consequence of the tyre coming off a wheel. He admitted having failed to carry out the Constable’s instructions, but said the dray was on the side of road, and there was plenty room to pass. The P. M. said it was a dangerous thing to leave a dray in a cutting at night, without a light. - A fine of 20/- was imposed.