Indexes to our newsletters March 1985 to November 1990

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March 1985 Vol 1 No. 1
The Twenties in Morwell
Early Records in LV Libraries
Maryvale High School embarks on Local History
Family Histories - by J.L. Cafico
Formation of the Uniting Church; List of Ministers and Elders - 1977
Photo of Presbyterian Church and Manse
1961 Map of Morwell
"Morwell Shire celebrates 75 years" Advertiser May 23 1967
"How Morwell has grown.." Advertiser May 23 1967
Coles/Dicken Ad Advertiser May 23 1967
Morwell Advertiser front page - Thursday February 3rd 1966

April 1985 Vol 1 No. 2
From the March Meeting
The Typical Aussie; from "Australia - A Social and Political History" by Gordon Greenwood
Access to old records - pre 1900 BMD
"Local history is more than scissors and paint" by Weston Bate
"The Argus" aerial view of Morwell 1936

May 1985 Vol 1 No.3
Arthur Leslie Hare - A short biography
From the April Meeting
Morwell's origin in Devon - letter to the Editor
A History of the Morwell Citizen's Band
Intriguing - 79 Elgin Street
A Pleasant Sunday afternoon - Cranwell family
Changes are beginning - imminent changes around Morwell
Classifieds ... 1931

July 1985 Vol 1 No. 4
George Billingsley - A short biography
History Search - a call for donations to the Society
News of Interest - Darrell Blewett - Morwell Primary School No. 2136
"Veil of Time" by Morwell Hodges
Letter to Mr Walsh from Thomas Leggatt Sinclair
Morwell Advertiser front page - December 14th 1965

August 1985 Vol 1 No. 5
Morwell Advertiser and Gazette Thursday March 25
Inspector's Report Book Feby 16 1931
Shire Presidents
Morwell Advertiser front page - Thursday March 25 1937
The Importance of Farm Buildings - The Herald July 22 1985

September 1985 Vol 1 No.6
Jean Rodgers loan of Voter's Roll 1944
Short biography of Mr W. (Bill) Rodgers
Recollection of 1944 fire from "Steamhorse to Power" Prue McGoldrick
McCormick  IH Tractor ad. Feb 3 1966
Classifieds ... Estate Agents
Opening of Railway to Morwell by P.J. Barry
"Five Birds in a Cage", c1962 produced by Sheila Moody
1947 Town Map of Morwell
1944 Electoral Roll - Morwell Riding of the Shire of Morwell

October 1985 Vol 1 No.7
Planned 20th Anniversary of Churchill
Maryvale High/Hazelwood North PS study Local and Family History
Remember Morwell to Mirboo North railway?
Mr Alexander to record Historical Memorials
Shire records to be microfilmed
Samuel Westley Vary M.L.C. - A short biography
Morwell Advertiser front page - Thurs. August 19 1963
Opening of Churchill Plaza - article
Invitation to Churchill 20th anniversary celebration
An early map of south central Morwell

November 1985 Vol 1  No. 8
The Early Squatters
"The Man from Bushy Park" by Ray Neve
Miscellaneous extracts from "The Gippsland Times"
George Bond - A short biography
Yinnar - "Burn Brae" homestead pics
Early Cattle Stations from "A Souvenir History of Morwell", IT Maddern

January 1986 Vol 2 No.1
E.H. Howlett - A short biography
Morwell Musical Society 1905
The Morwell Players Drama Group - Mr And Mrs Mooney

February 1986 Vol 2 No. 2
Request for help from Mr Jim Bush, Secretary Hazelwood Cemetery Trust
The Old Scout Hall 1970
Early Morwell Race Meetings
Hazelwood North Excursion
Yinnar's Pioneering Spirit - Gippsland History John Wells
Morwell bypass ready to go

March 1986 Vol 2 No. 3
From the last meeting
Up goes the Exchange
Significant dates- Maryvale High School/Presb Church/Anglican Church
His horse was roasted alive - Mr Albert "Toby" Farley
Morwell Advertiser March 16 1972 - Bushfire Moe to Yarram

April 1986 Vol 2 No. 4
Election of Office Bearers
"The Names of the Streets of Morwell", A-B, IT Maddern
100 Years of Postal Service
"The Traralgon Record" Dec 24 1886 articles
Excursion to Shady Creek

May 1986 Vol 2 No.5
Presbyterianism in Morwell - Rev Morey
Angus McMillan Gippsland Explorer - A brief history Dr T.A. McLean
1st Morwell Scout Group a brief history - Leo Billington

June 1986 Vol 2 No. 6
Visit to the Centre for Gippsland Studies Mr David Tuck, Exec Officer
"The Names of the Streets of Morwell", C-J, IT Maddern
Development of the Town of Morwell  "The Present Township"  1948

July 1986 Vol 2 No. 7
Amendments to list of Origin of Streets
Morwell in the 1920s - reminiscences of Nell Smith (nee Rodgers)
Liz Tyler Gipps. Trades and Labour - talk
Former residents from Hazelwood Road up Wallace Street
The Names of the Streets of Morwell", J-M, IT Maddern
Mechanics Institute pic
Miscellaneous articles Morwell Advertiser and Gazette August 1931

August 1986 Vol 2 No. 8
Acknowledgements to The History of Hazelwood - K.M. Huffer
The History of Hazelwood North - Mrs Kath Huffer part 1
Pages from the Morwell Advertiser August 14, 1931

September 1986 Vol 2 No. 9
Future of two palm trees
"The Names of the Streets of Morwell", M-R, IT Maddern
Pages from the Morwell Advertiser August 14, 1931
The History of Hazelwood North - Mrs Kath Huffer part 2
Morwell State School Choir c1934/35

October 1986 Vol 2 No. 10
Notes by Mrs Nancy Gordon in 1976
Amendments to previously published Street Names
"The Names of the Streets of Morwell", R-W, IT Maddern
The History of Hazelwood North - Mrs Kath Huffer part 3
John Gallagher: Bushman Extraordinary 1887
Old Mechanics Hall/Old Methodist Church pics c 1925 - Amy Tibballs

November 1986 Vol 2 No.11
Business arising  from the October meeting
Research request re: Precious Clark Willan
The History of my Home - Competition
Reminiscences of Morwell West by J.L. Cafiso
The History of Hazelwood North - Mrs Kath Huffer part 4
Bridal Couples of Yesteryear pics (names in February 1987, p.11)

January 1987 Vol 3 No. 1
Business arising from the November meeting
Upcoming Excursions Driffield/Yinnar/Gunyah
Boolarra and District HS opening times
Morwell Bridge School 2439 Grades 4,5 and 6 c1956
Battling with Depression in Morwell West by Keith Shepherd
Morwell Primary School pic
The History of Hazelwood North - Mrs Kath Huffer part 4 (final)

February 1987 Vol 3 No.2
Business arising from the January meeting
Upcoming excursion to Yinnar/Gunyah
A visit to Driffield - report by E McMaster
The Importance of Farm Buildings - The Herald July 22 1985
National Safety Council - extract of minutes 1954/56
James Shepherd and Old Toongabbie by Keith Shepherd
Mrs Lois Starkey returns Bible to England
Bridal Couples names

March 1987 Vol 3 No. 3
Upcoming excursion to Gunyah
Indian Hawkers - request from Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement
Unusual Monuments Project
Excerpts from "The Strzeleckis - A New Future for the heartbreak Hills"
"One Summer" by Mrs Lois Starkey part 1
"Seventy years around Ryton Junction" by E.J. Littlejohn
Hazelwood - Yinnar Excursion by E. McMaster
Hazelwood Cemetery Report by J.C. Bush
Hazelwood Cemetery Plan
The Old Coach Road - Morwell Technical School article

April 1987 Vol 3 No. 4
Request for Local Oral History articles
"One Summer" by Mrs Lois Starkey part 2
Gunyah and District
"Brownie - The Diary of Anne Lawless" edited by Ann Dettrick
A Reminiscence of the War Years 1939-45 by Mrs Mavis Coleman
Hazelwood Cemetery Bush Fire Memorial plaque
Sharpe's Emporium receipt
Program for visit of Sir Arthur Stanley

May 1987 Vol 3 No. 5
"One Summer" by Mrs Lois Starkey part 2
MHS Report to Annual Regional Meeting
Quiz - Street names of Morwell
A Latrobe Valley Trivia Test
More Historical Trivia
Albert Drayton - Mr Murray Thompson
Latrobe Valley Express front page - Friday May 23 1975

June 1987 Vol 3 No. 6
A Poem "Things ain't what they used to be"
Visit to Boolarra report
Annual Regional Meeting report
Answers to last month's trivia quiz
More reminiscences "The Indian Hawker" by Andy Coleman
More trivia quiz
Voters' Roll 1896 A-G
Tribute to Mr. Maddern - Memorial Park Seat
The Express Friday May 23 1975 p.3

July 1987 Vol 3 No. 7
Plan for Memorial Bridge at Morwell Civic Centre
Photographic Project with new equipment
Our quiet Achiever - Mavis Coleman
A Different Breed - Changing Language
Answers to last month's trivia questions
Still More Trivia!
another Brain-Bender
Washday Blues Mrs lance Rawson's "Australian Cook and Laundry Book"
Book Review "Brownie - The Diary of Ann Lawless 1915"
The School Inspector
Voters' Roll 1896 G-Mc
The Continuing Saga of the Palm Trees

August 1987 Vol 3 N0. 8
An Inspector's Lot ... Mr I.T. Maddern
The Palm Trees - Update
Help Wanted-  donation for book on Historical Bushwalks within the Shire
Ads in preparation of the Bicentennial Celebrations
Billy's Creek by Mrs June Lubcke
Recipes from Mrs lance Rawson's "Australian Cook and Laundry Book"
Answers to last month's trivia
Yet more trivia!
The Settlement of Gippsland
Voters' Roll 1896 Mc-R

September 1987 Vol 3 No. 9
Latest on the Palm Trees
Bicentennial Plans
Transport Trivia
Ads October 16 1891
Anglican Church 100 years - March 28 1985
J Pennycuick - a long distance farmer August 31 1982
Answers to last month's trivia
Celebrating a great event - Zenna and John Rintoull by I.T. Maddern
Microfiche and microfilm at Latrobe Valley Regional Library
Monetary Matters - quiz
Voters' Roll 1896 R-Y

October 1987 Vol 3 No. 10
Plans for incorporation of the Society
List for material to be included in a time capsule
Supermarket site steeped in history (GJ Coles & Co) October 1970
Do You Keep a Diary?
Solution to Monetary Matters quiz
Invitation to launching of the "Morwell Advertiser" microfilming project
Who, What, Where and When? quiz from "Steamhorse to Power"
Transport trivia answers
What's in a name?
New RC Church - Anglican choir
Coles New World ad. Advertiser October 1970

November 1987 Vol 3 No. 11
Reminiscences of Mrs Gladys Olver
Who, What, Where and When? - answers
Some Amazing Books ... Elsie McMaster
Last month's Trivia - reprint
Hazelwood name change to Churchill - articles
Mrs Elsie Wilson - the last 100 years by Jodie Bond, "Express" 29.9.1987
Obituary - Mr R Bridle 1906
Mr Green's new establishment 1907
District news Boolarra/ Budgeree/Brown Coal Mine 1918
Miscellaneous articles 1918
Those Poor Animals - stray cattle casualties

January 1988 Vol 4 No. 1
Upcoming excursion to Billy Hillier's grave
Request for photos for Bicentennial project
Letter deploring the proposal to rezone Mathison Park
Letter of reply
Historical Crossword
Stone the Crows! It's Narracan by John Wells 1982
Hazelwood or Churchill - Tom Lawless
Morwell High School now Kurnai College - End of an era
More Amazing Books - Jessie L. Cafiso (nee Niemann)
Part of Kurnai College newsletter
Family Heritage Australia - "The Book of Niemanns in Australia"
1988 - Australia's Bicentennial Year
Gippsland loses a pioneer - Bill Medew
Reminiscences - Mrs Gladys Olver (see Nov. newsletter)
More Reminiscences - The Green Family
"The Advertiser" January 13  1964

February 1988 Vol 4 No. 2
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year
Indian Hawkers
Answer to Crossword Puzzle
Trivia - Who's Who?
1919 Snippet from the Victorian Municipal Directory - including Yinnar
"An Economic History of the Morwell Area" by A.D. Spaull
Nothing beats a day at the store - article about Bill McRoberts
Capitulation - The Argus Tuesday May 8 1945
The Morwell Bowling Club
Historical walk around Morwell 1970
Morwell Advertiser October 13 1970
Obituary - William Ambrose Noel Scanlon April 8 1957

March 1988 Vol 4 No. 3
Formation of Rosedale Historical Society
Answer to Who's Who?
Excursion Report - Billy Hillier's Grave
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District
The Women Who Made Us by Mary Grant Bruce
Letter from Prue McGoldrick
"A Childhood in Sunshine" by Prue McGoldrick
The Express September 27 1979

April 1988 Vol 4 No. 4
Puzzle of the two palm trees solved
RSL unveiling of plaque - Soldier Settlement at Hazelwood Estate
Report - Excursion to Morwell Bridge and Morwell West
Reminiscences - Mrs Dorothy Bartlett (nee Dodemaide)
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year -  Morwell and District
Some Memories of Morwell in 1920s - Kath Ringin
The 1867 Royal Tour set the fashion

May 1988 Vol 4 No. 5
Election of Office Bearers
Guest Speaker Matthew Nickson "Private Lives - Public Heritage"
Report of MHS to Regional Historical Societies
Proposed incorporation of the Society
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District
Hazelwood Estate Commemorative Ceremony - by Eric Lubcke
Photo of Godridge family at Morwell Bridge Club
Map of Hazelwood Estate - Early landowners
Unveiling of the Settlers Plaque at Anzac Lookout - Mr and Mrs Coleman
Names of the Early Settlers on the Hazelwood Estate
Various Hazelwood Estate documents
Shire of Morwell document 1906

June 1988 Vol 4 No. 6
RHSV Excursions
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District, 1948-1958
Shire of Morwell Document 1906
"The Gippsland Chronicle" 1866
Shire of Morwell tender for Walsh's Road
World War 1 - Thomas and Charles Koenig
Causes of the War
Germans in Australia during the War
Two Gippsland Soldiers - Koenig brothers
A Field Postcard
Australian Red Cross - KIA, Pte. T.J. Koenig

July 1988 Vol 4 No.7
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District, 1938-1958
Lavinia Park -  Andy Coleman
"One wartime Summer night"
"Morwell guides lost planes home", "Express" 1-7-1988
Hall brothers call it a day - Express" 8.7.1988
Morwell High School Staff 1964
New Rules regarding incorporation
Bicentennial Exhibition

August 1988 Vol 4 No. 8
"Morwell Bridge" opened at Morwell Civic Centre
Mechanics Institutes
Incorporation details
Memorial Bridge
Who am I?
Letter re Mechanics Institutes and Free Libraries
Map of Tasmania
Settling in Tasmania, Ron McPhee part 1 by Eric Lubcke
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District
Morwell in the Fifties, by Perc Mooney
Morwell and District in the Fifties, by J Cafiso

September 1988 Vol 4 No. 9
Local History in Schools
Answer to Who am I?
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District, 1958-1968
Morwell in the Sixties Elsie McMaster
Help Wanted by J Douglass re James and Margaret MORE
The "Flying Cashbox System"
Conversing with Ladies - Etiquette
Invitation to Reunion and Dedication of Memorial Bridge
Song: "Industrial Town" (Thomas)
Morwell Shire Councilors 1894-1911
Iris Edna Brittingham (nee Butters) - "Nanna Brit", 1901-1988
Settling in Tasmania, Ron McPhee part 2 by Eric Lubcke
Settlers in the early 1900s
Letter of request for marriage by John R. McPhee to Mr King
Commercial Hotel receipt 1919
Car Sales ad. "Sun News-Pictorial 1931

October 1988 Vol 4 No. 10
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District, 1968-1978
Feasibility study to redevelop the old Town Hall
Ad. for Gippsland Heritage House - Maffra
Invitations and Excursions
The Butters and Brittingham families
Publishing your Family/School/Church History at Centre for Gipps. Studies
Trivia What's in a name?
Electricity - The Story Early days of brown coal
Memory Milestones by Audrey Conrow

November 1988 Vol 4 N0. 11
1988 Australia's Bicentennial Year - Morwell and District, 1978-1988
Brunton's Bridge Excursion
Help Wanted: The history of Jumbuk
Answers to last Month's Trivia - What's in a Name?
Reunion and Memorial Bridge Opening
Reminiscences of my years at Morwell Bridge - Cecil W. (Joe) Metcalf
Obituary - Norman Sharpe
Sharpes - classified
Obituary - Jock Lawson
Age no barrier for lively twins - Isla Vale and Jean Waddell

January 1989 Vol 5 No. 1
A computer printed newsletter
Theft of Ivan Maddern memorial Seat
Planning for the writing of a history of Jumbuk
Morwell and Yinnar Gazette - September 12 1924
The 1980s - Headings found in the Express in 1981 and 1982 editions
Obituary - Mr Hal Butters
Tribute - Mr John Rintoull
"Father Time's" Reaping - Death of Mr John Rintoull July 1936
Election of Office Bearers
The "Sun" got it wrong! - see lively twins in previous edition
The story of Crinnigan Road PS 4695
Short history of St Mary's Morwell - IT Maddern
Receipt from McNaughton Love & Co Pty Ltd 1924
Various ads from the Advertiser 1924
Landscape treatment at La Mode - 1946
Morwell Advertiser January 24 1946
Various ads from the Advertiser 1933
A.L. Hare Motors ad 1927

February 1989 Vol 5 No. 2
Morwell and District - the 1980s
Advertiser March 4 1921
More articles from the Advertiser
The Early Schools of Morwell District - part 2
"The Herald" front page - November 29 1948
Reference letter for Zenna Rintoull 1911

March 1989 Vol 5 No. 3
Ad for D.C. Mills & Co
AGM  for MHS - notice
A Selector's Lot ... from the Gippsland Heritage Journal
Items of Interest
Red Cross calls for help - March 1983
Morwell and District - the 1980s
The Early Schools of Morwell District - part 3
More pages from The Advertiser and Gazette 1946
More pages from the Advertiser 1921

April 1989 Vol 5 No. 4
Election of Office Bearers
£5,000 Bicentennial grant - invested
Morwell and District - the 1980s
The Advertiser and Gazetteer - August 26 1937
MHS Annual Report
Ads - some notable business persons 1937
Jumbuk Excursion
Jumbuk - by Alma Glover
The Hopetoun Lodge
Demand for Morwell Made Wedges - The Rintoull Family Blacksmiths
The Advertiser and Gazette 1937
A plea for old Rintoull's blacksmith tools
"Oldest" house to go - the Jane Street house
More from the Advertiser 1937

May 1989 Vol 5 No. 5
The Name of Morwell "A Souvenir History of Morwell" IT Maddern
Obituary - Arch Chitty
Shire Centenary in 1992
Local Collection Bibliography - Claire Wood
Book launch - "The Rosedale Story" by Don Macreadie
Australian Dictionary of Biography
St Hilary's Hospital?
Morwell and District - the 1980s
"Veil of Time" by Morwell Hodges
The Name of Morwell
Morwell West PS - The school nobody wants
Death of Mrs Myrtle Jenkins BEM
Mr and Mrs Blake farewelled in style - 1937
More articles from the Advertiser 1937

June 1989 Vol 5 No. 6
Various ads
Declaration by businesses re Shop on Saturday afternoons 1932
Yearning still for Yallourn - article about Amy Tibballs 1989
Morwell and District - the 1980s
A Popular Young Lady - Miss Jean Hunter
Advertiser 1932
RHSV History News
Answers to Trivia from May newsletter
Advertiser and Gazette articles December 1938
Map of Traralgon - A tour through History
Golden Wedding anniversary of Lou and Leila Bond 1938
List of Walking Tours
"The Journal" July 1937

July 1989 Vol 5 No. 7
Suggestions for book title - eventually "Glimpses of out Past .."
Index for Newsletters - 1985-1987
Book Launch "The Rosedale Story" Vol 1 by Mrs Nancy Gordon (nee Rintoull)
Report on Photographic Project
Ad - John Rintoull
Pic of Wedding of Jack K. Rintoull
Morwell in the Eighties - some notable dates
Bond family gathers to look back

August 1989 Vol 5 No. 8
Ads - Marveer/Vealls
Replacement of Ivan Maddern Memorial Seat
Progress report on "Glimpses of our Past ..."
Photo correction on Zenna Rintoull
Newsletter Index for 1988
Morwell in the Eighties - some notable dates
Illness Report in the Advertiser 1908
Death of Mr Thomas Cranwell 1908
Kemp's Crusade - Anti-Vaccination League 1908
Our Brown Coal 1907
Mr Green's New Establishment 1907
Morwell in the 1920s - Reminiscences of Mrs Nell Smith (nee Rogers)
Reminiscences of Mrs Ellen Smith (nee Rogers)
Various ads 1886

September 1989 Vol 5 No. 9
"Glimpses of our Past" now at the printers
Items of interest from RHSV 1989
Index for 1988 Newsletters continued
Morwell in the Eighties - some notable dates
Explosion at Gas Plant - May 14 1964
New Town Lost in Forest of Poles? - Hazelwood May 1964
White City has its Pride
The Sun News-Pictorial December 1 1948
More of The Sun News-Pictorial December 1 1948

October 1989 Vol 5 No. 10
Items of interest from RHSV 1989
Morwell Days - 1919-1925 by Amy Tibballs
Nothing beats a day at the store - Mr William McRoberts
"The Herald" November 30 1948 - Mr Winston Churchill's birthday
Come of Morwell's oldest scholars at "back to ..." 1929

November 1989 Vo. 5 No. 11
Book launch "Glimpses of Our Past" in December
Members on Planning Committee for the Shire Centenary
Guests at Morwell Heights Campus for Local and personal history projects
Do You Know? - Quiz
Howitt Day - A Real Winner
Poems by Robert Turley
The Deaconesses of Gippsland
Back to Jumbuk - Eric Lubcke
Departing Soldiers
The McFarlane family of Jumbuk by Joan Tanner
Obituary - Private Frederick Greenwood

January 1990 Vol 6 No. 1
Book News from "Gippsland Roundup" Summer 1989
"Glimpses of Our Past" - Launched and Sailing smoothly!
Newspaper article regarding our book
Stephen Legg to write history of Morwell Shire
Upcoming Jumbuk excursion
Outline of Latrobe Valley Heritage study
Morwell Directory - The Telephone 1916

February 1990 Vol 6 No.2
History of Morwell Red Cross Unit by Jessie Cafiso
Red Cross Society Morwell Branch "The Morwell and Yinnar Gazette 1915
More articles from "The Morwell and Yinnar Gazette 1915
The Weekly Times - The need to preserve living history "Peter's Parish"
Morwell Advertiser 1916
Donations needed for John Pearson's book
More on Pte. Frederick Greenwood
Why Saint Hilary's?
Answer to January Crossword
"Australian Farm and Home" Butter Making Contest 1893
"Australian Farm and Home" Payment for Milk by Results 1893

March 1990 Vol 6  No.3
We're Moving!
Dot Taylor compiling a history of Hernes Oak
Index to our newsletter now available
Looking Back - The End of the Decade 1890
Occupations no longer ...
The Bush Nursing Service at Gunyah
Maryvale Campus Kurnai request contributions for project
Newspaper articles 1948
Advertiser front page March 23 1972

April 1990 Vol 6 No. 4
Upcoming launch of "The Koenig Letters"
A Tribute to Jean Rodgers by Jessie Cafiso
RHSV contribution to Heritage Week
"The Koenig Letter" available at Centre for Gippsland Studies
Yallourn Life in the 20s, 30s and 40s by Dorothy Turvey
WW2 relic rediscovered at Yallourn Reservoir by Tom Adams
Mr Jack English and Mrs May Vinall reminisce
WW1 and Gallipoli study material
From the diary of A.L. Devine 4th Battalion

May 1990 Vol 6 No. 5
The death of Andy Coleman
Help wanted for book on Morwell Women from Ann Dettrick
Musing of Mrs Gwenda Booth formerly from the Morwell area
The Koenig Letters - Eric Lubcke's address
The Koenig Letters - Newspaper article
Excerpts from "A Tale of Old Walhalla" by H.T. Tisdall
"I Remember" from Melbourne "Age" 1990

June 1990 Vol 6 No.6
Elected Office Bearers
"The Floods" 1909
Les Hare's Morwell
The MHS News Vol 13 No.1 15.2.1974 from the Cyclopedia of Victoria

July 1990 Vol 6 No. 7
Death of Norman Roy
The Morwell Cenotaph moved to RSL
45 years On ... La Mode
Jim Bush retires
La Mode Ball May 1945
Morwell Advertiser - La Mode
Back to Morwell 1929
What's in a Name?
Morwell Butter Factory
Answers to What's in a Name?
Tribute - Norn Roy

August 1990 Vol 6 No. 8
Recycling it's not new! Kerosene tin chest 1930s
The Heesom Family
As it might have been
Notional Open Cut Layout - map
The Recollections of Jock Lawson
Clayton's Centenary?
The benefits of subscribing to the Ambulance Service

September 1990 Vol 6 No. 9
1000 copies of "Glimpses of Our Past" have been sold
The Bond Family of Driffield - part 2 L.W. Bond
More on recycling by Prue McGoldrick
From RHSV a variety of articles
Gippsland in Focus - Annual History Conference
Upcoming Excursions
Annual Open Day at AIGS

October 1990 Vol 6 No. 10
The Shire of Morwell is no more!
Guest Speakers
The Bond Family - part 2 L.W. Bond
Municipal Directory of Morwell Shire

November 1990 Vol 6 No. 11
Upcoming excursion
Printing of "Women in Employment in Morwell During WW2"
Early Morwell ... Boom Town 1890
Plum Duff Prospecting
Working Girls in the Forties
"Women in Employment in Morwell During WW2" by Emma Templeton
Christmas in Australia - Nat Gould "Town and Bush"