Index to our newsletters 2019 to 2020

February 2019 Vol 38 No. 1
Front Cover - White City and Airfied from the air c 1952
President's Report
Australia Day Award - Bruce McMaster
"Then and Now" 166-170 Commercial Road
"White City" Air Pageant 1954
AGM Notice/Our new brochure/Corrections
New Acquisitions
Derham's Hill uncovered relic

April 2019 Vol 38 No. 2
Front Cover - Town Walk Attendees
President's Report
Historic Walking Tour of the Morwell CBD
100 Years Ago - Electricity Commissioners' Act 1918
Norman Sharpe 1905-1987
Agnes "Mother" Buntine 1822-1896
"Those Were the Days" 1935 BCM Post Card
More Glimpses of Derham's Hill

June 2019 Vol 38 No. 3
Front Cover - Morwell Power Station before Demolition of two chimneys
President's Report
Then and Now - Del Spana Motel
Lenny Gwyther's Great Adventure
Morwell Power Station Demolition of two chimneys
"Rousing Welcome" John and Zenna Rintoull
Fred Walker - Vegemite

August 2019 Vol 38 No. 4
Front Cover - Gloster Meteor Mk.1
President's Report
Des Kelly A.M. Australia's First Jet Pilot
Pegasus Soccer Club - 60 years
Morwell Flax Mill
Morwell Butter Factory

October 2019 Vol 38 No. 5
Front Cover - 100 years of Aviation in the Latrobe Valley
President's Report
Unique Tarraville Church
Jeannie Berthe - "The Quiet Frenchman"
Unveiling Morwell State School Honour Board
Concert at Morwell 1879
Maryvale Ridge School No. 1939
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December 2019 Vol 38 No. 6
Front Cover - Poynter Family Picnic
President's Report
Edwin (Tes) Poynter - Pharmacist
Tobruk Street Primary School
Mining Shaft Uncovered - Yallourn Open Cut
Thompson/Vincent - Marriage 1916
Irving/Matson - Marriage 1915
Free Milk for School Children
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February 2020 Vol 39 No. 1
Front Cover - LM Ericsson Employees
President's Report
WW2 - Preliminary Evacuation Plans
1919 Influenza
Soldier Settlement Scheme - Hazelwood Cattle Run
Peter Siddle - Cricketer
Annual General Meeting Notice
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April 2020 Vol 39 No. 2
Front Cover - "The Ascending Christ" by Arthur Boyd
President's Report - no report
St John's Anglican Church Mural
Dorothy Squire-Taylor
Sir John Patrick Dwyer
Portable Iron Houses
Our Bookshop
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July 2020 Vol 39 No. 3
Front Cover - Strzelecki Showtime Scarf and Badge
President's Report
St Vincent de Paul Primary School
St Phillip’s Church of England
Tim Tams - Australia’s Favourite Biscuit
Garage Sale Report
Ray Beebe OAM - Strzelecki Showtime
Elaine Andrijczak - Society Volunteer Profile
Membership Fees Due
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September 2020 Vol 39 No. 4
Front Cover - Merv Medew viewing his sketches on display at the society
President's Report
Merv Medew
St John Ambulance
John Hall
Gunyah Gunyah

December 2020 Vol 39 No. 5
Front Cover - Mechanics Institute Morwell
President's Report
Morwell Mechanics Institute
Morwell Town Hall
Correct Hand Signals
Our Bookshop
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