Index to our newsletters 2017 to 2018

February 2017 Vol 36 No. 1
Cover - Hazelwood Power Station
Morwell Power Station & Paynes bon Marche- images
Hustlers Store Commercial Road
New Director for Centre for Gippsland Studies
Panoramic Drive-In
The Society's Books for Sale
Joy's Euology - Joyce Dawn Cleary
Mahoney's Corner Store
Phyllis Street Shop
The Sykes Family
Morwell Advertiser 1952 Engagement - SPRUHAN-SYKES
The Town Hall Kiosk
Espie's House
Mixed business opens in Hopetoun Avenue 1953 - Mrs M. Leighton
Kohler's Shop - Avondale Road
Corner shop - Booth Street

April 2017 Vol 36 No. 2
Cover - Hazelwood Power Station Control Room
Lewis Samuel - business man
More on Corner Stores - Avondale / Booth / Coman / Phyllis / Jane /Jill
Sykes Family
New Director for Centre for Gippsland Studies appointed
Hazelwood Road Milk Bar
Society books for sale
MacRobertson COLUMBINES ad
Morwell has another Coffey - Peter
7 Jane Street
Site of Kingham's Milk Bar - Donald Street
Donald Street Store/Rintoull Street shops

June 2017 Vol 36 No. 3
Cover - Hazelwood Power Station
13 Driffield Road - Kennedy Haulage home
Kennedy Haulage - ad
Vary Street Milk Bar
Vincent Road Milk Bar
Donald/McDonald Road Milk Bar - Alex Abela/Laurie Wilson
Angus Street Milk Bar - Arthur Pattle
A chance to recall earlier times
Society Books for Sale
More on Hazelwood Road Milk Bar and Victory Cafe - Mutsaers
Alf Hinchcliffe
"Morwell Advertiser" 1969 War Memorial to Move
Where are these two houses?
"Morwell Advertiser" 1929 - Back to Morwell Celebrations

August 2017 Vol 36 No. 4
Cover - Back to School 1929
Euology - Alan Reginald Davey
Back to Morwell - Part 2
Back to School 1929
A.G. THOMAS - Carrier 1952 ad
S. Broadbent General Carrier 1947 ad
Mortimer Bros. 1947 ad
Where are these Morwell Homes?
Society Books for Sale
Hugh Evans & Staff ad

December 2017 Vol 36 No. 5
Cover - Wallace Street House?
Hazelwood Power Station
"Morwell Advertiser" 1954 "Ban the Pan"
Care of Trees Encouraged
Deputy Coroner - "Keep Your Children off the Street"
A.Neal's Paradise Cafe 1934
Tobruk Street State School Demolition 1917
"Morwell Advertiser" 1937 - Old Landmark Destroyed
John Rintoull anf family - by Nancy Gordon
"Morwell Advertiser" 1925 S.S. Christmas Tree

January 2018 Vol 37 No. 1
Cover - Charles and Grace Watson headstone
Obituary Mr William Robert Davey 1949
"Latrobe Vally Express" First Edition 1965
"Latrobe Vally Express" articles 1965
Maree Davey Memoirs part 1
Will Watson and Grace Henderson

April 2018 Vol 37 No. 2
Cover - Morwell Swimming Pool
President's AGM Report
Summary of AGM and General Meetings
Morwell Cricket Club 1929-30
The Methodist Church
Morwell First Swimming Pool
What's Happening at the Society
"Then and Now" Bridles Creek
Odds and Ends

May 2018 Vol 37 No. 3
Cover - The Queen's Visit
President's Report
Maree Davey Memoirs part 2
Queen Elizabeth's visit to Traralgon 1954 - Annelie Roberts and Betty Woolley remember
Welcoming and Age Friendly Group
Membership Reminder
Odds and Ends - FAHS
Odds and Ends

July 2018 Vol 37 No. 4
Cover - The Davey Family
President's Report
Maree Davey Memoirs part 3
Church Street Level Crossing
School Days - Collins Street

September 2018 Vol 37 No. 5
Cover - Morwell Primary School
President's Report
Then and Now - Dayble Blacksmith Shop
Lieutenant James Cook
Faithful Service - Jack Westley
SEC of V 1st Contact Magazine
Crinigan Road School - 4692

November 2018 Vol 37 No. 6
Cover - "Turning the First Sod"
President's Report
A Haunting Story
Council Gives Up the Ghost
Morwell Hospital
Then and Now - Spry Street
Remember When - Morwell-Mirboo Railway
Remember, Remember the 5th of November
"Turning the First Sod"