Morwell on the March - Introduction



A town "On The March" compiled by Stephen R. Hellings. A brief look at some significant events in Morwell's development and growth during its dynamic decade.


The 1950s were, in the main, a time of rapid growth and expansion for the township of Morwell.  Many additions to the townscape were established and major improvements to existing services were initiated during this busy period in our history.

All facets of town life were affected: education, retailing, transport, industry, banking, emergency services, the legal system, and all levels of Government activity.

The aim of this project is to briefly detail some of the developments that took place during the period under review.

A future project for the Society will be to produce an in-depth and far more expansive appraisal of the 1950s ...   In the meantime, I hope that you find this work both interesting and informative.

Enjoy your reading
Stephen Hellings
Morwell Historical Society Inc.

The Shire of Morwell

1949-1950 A.W. Ronald
1950-1951 A. L. Hare
1951-1952 D.J. White
1952-1953 A. Hall
1953-1954 A. Hall
1954-1955 V. Hourigan
1955-1956 A. Hall
1956-1957 W. J. Pettigrew
1957-1958 A. L. Hare
1958-1959 A. L. Hare
1959-1960 M. F. Walker
Secretary: Wallace Kitchener Mathison
1950-1952: Robert James Carruthers
1952- : John William Fleming Connan
Medical Officer of Health: Dr. Alan Alfred Crook

Councillors (various dates)

East Riding West Riding Central Riding South Riding
A. L. Hare A. W. Ronald W. H. McFarlane F. V. Primrose
J. C. Bush L. W. Bond D. J. White A. Hall
V. Hourigan W. J. Pettigrew M. C. Selwyn M. F. Walker
J. W. Jones C. J. Bond F. A. Shellcott
B. F. Walsh
K. White

Acknowledgements & Sources

The Morwell Historical Society Inc. gratefully acknowledges the assistance and facilities provided by the City of Latrobe Library Service, without which this work could not have been produced.

The following sources have been utilised in our research for this project:

Local newspaper Morwell Advertiser on microfilm (Morwell Library)
"A History of Morwell Open Cut" by J. A. Vines (Hazelwood Power 1996)
"Heart of The Valley" by Stephen M. Legg  (City of Morwell 1992)
"Purvis for Survis" by Mary C. Higgins, W. A. Purvis, A. P. Ringin (W. A. Purvis Stores 1993)
"The History of Morwell High School" by I. T. Maddern
Apex Club of Morwell members listing compiled by Anne Simpson
Morwell Historical Society texts and photographs