Hoisting The Flag

Gazette 15th May 1901

Hoisting the Flag

The Union Jack was hoisted at the State School, Morwell, on Tuesday immediately upon receipt of the signal, by Master Davey, in the presence of the school children, several ladies, the only gentleman present, in addition to the head teacher, (Mr Slattery) being the Rev. H. T. Langley. There was no demonstration of any kind, beyond the singing of the National Anthem and three cheers, the proceedings being marked by an unusual calmness and serenity considering the importance of the occasion, which was one of the chief items in connection with the opening of the Commonwealth Parliament and the welcome extended to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. The flag was presented by Mr Davie and the pole by Mr. D. Nicholson, and received by the head teacher in the spirit in which they are given.

The flag was also hoisted at Yinnar and other schools in the district.