Hazelwood Estate School 4326


Fraser’s Road

This school was officially opened on 8th November 1926. Classes were initially held in the Memorial Hall on the Hazelwood Estate, approximately six miles south of Morwell. The old school building from Koornalla was shifted onto a site opposite the Memorial Hall and lessons began in 1933.

The pupils registered in 1926 were:

Frederick Von Dahren Hector Gooding Roy Thomas
Dorothy Gooding Lionel Mintern Bernard Walsh
Esme Gooding Eva Shaw Lavinia Shaw
Jean Caldwell James Wilson Albert Ritchie
John Ritchie Dorothy Payne Margaret McFarlane
Kathleen Walsh Lionel Ritchie Thelma Ritchie
Francis Payne

Head Teachers

1926-1928 Mrs. Ina Payne
1929-1931 Alma McCauley
1932-1936 Alice Wilmot
1936-1941 Stanley W. Wilks
1941 Donald Dyer
1942 Edna Fitzgerald
1943-1953 Ivor W. Blight
1953-1959 Allan R. Mathieson
1959 John A. Newham
1959 Brian Campion
1960-1962 Kenneth G. Rogers
1963-1965 Kevin J. Dobson
1966-1968 John Smethurst
1969-1970 Allen R. Mathieson
1970 Christopher Long
1971-1976 Allen R. Mathieson
1977-1978 Shane Turner
1979-1981 Stuart Keith
1982-1984 Trevor Alexander
1985- Tony Colwell