Federation Editorial

The following editorial appeared in the "Morwell Advertiser" on Friday 4th. January 1901


REFERRING to the accomplishment of Federation, over which we all rejoice, the "Argus" says: - " Australia’s most eventful day has passed into history, and the Commonwealth, once a dream, then a purpose, is at last a reality. All Australians and Tasmanians are now, and ever more will be, fellow-citizens. With the opening of the century we enter upon national unity. We shall always retain our local independence in local matters, but we have now established a common participation and responsibility in national affairs. The word Australian has become the expression of a political fact. We cannot hope to make the transition to the new citizenship with miraculous swiftness. The feeling of the new citizenship is a thing of growth, and all growth requires time. But the precedents of the United States and Canada assure us that if the federal movement has been based upon a federal disposition time is all that is required, and that soon the national citizenship will, by general consent, or rather by a general and irresistible impulse, be exalted far above the citizenship of the state. We shall delight in rendering it a loyal service. All that belongs to the peace and prosperity and progress of the Commonwealth will be a part of our daily lives. We shall broaden with our broader duty. The transition will not be a hard discipline. The indissoluble union is our own desire and choice, and the constitution has been drafted by our own leaders, and bears the impress of our own approval. Our political ideas and principles and hopes are embodied in it, and the power of amendment rests on our own hands. Much of our best thought and sentiment has already been given to the Commonwealth. It wears no foreign aspect to our eyes. It is not a yoke that has come to us from across seas. It has the homely attractiveness pertaining to a spontaneous product of our own democracy.