Morwell Businesses


Gilbert's Railway Store

Commercial Road, Morwell 1890
Charles Oxtoby Gilbert established a general store in Commercial Road (on the site now occupied by Spotlight) in 1878. The Morwell Post Office was an annex of this store from 1880 to 1886. The first Church of England service in Morwell Township was held in Gilbert's store on November 2, 1878.


J. Green's Drapery Shop

Tarwin Street, the site was later occupied by Coles Store. Current retailer is Davies & Moller Chemist Established in 1878


Commercial Road Fire Aftermath

remains of shops burnt in 1912 fires. This fire on 31st December 1912, burnt five shops on the east side of Rintoull's shop, in exactly the same area as the 1890 fires.


Commercial Road

Looking east from the corner of Commercial & Hazelwood Road, c.1905. Building on right is Cricketers' Arms Hotel, earlier called Railway Hotel.


Conlan's Club Hotel

Group outside Conlan's Hotel, Commercial Road in the early 1900s. A victorious football team perhaps?


Dayble's Blacksmith Shop

Dayble's Blacksmith, c1907, in Station Street, now Princes Drive. This shop was on the site of the present Post Office and opposite the Methodist Church (now R.G.M. Financial Services), 2009


Les Hare Garage and Engineering Works

Commercial Road from the western end looking east, National Bank of Australasia on the left


D. McDonald, Baker & Grocer

c.1895 Commercial Road, this shop escaped the fire of 31st July 1912 because of the brick wall of Kleine's Butcher shop next door.


D.C. Mills Grocery store

Interior of D.C. Mills store, corner of Tarwin Street & Commercial Road, Morwell in the 1940s. L/R Harry Huguenin, Jean McMillan, Charles Sands. Children shopping with their mothers would receive a lolly from the jars on the counter next to the delicatessen case.


Porter Bros.

Photograph showing Porter Bros. store on the corner of Tarwin and George Streets


Princes Highway Morwell

Portion of the northern side of the Princes Highway, Morwell 1946. Gude's Garage right, Trembath's Garage centre, part of Broadbent's boarding house visible at left of photograph, Fletcher Jones* and National Bank now occupy this site. *Since relocated to Traralgon


P. Quigley Butcher Shop

Tarwin Street Morwell left, James Gapes / right, Eric Butters. This shop stood next to Green's Drapery, the site presently occupied by Davies and Moller Pharmacy (2009) - formerly Coles.


J. Rintoull's Blacksmith

Commercial Road, Morwell Wheelwright and Ironmonger. John Rintoull opened his Blacksmith shop in 1887. He was often called the "Father of Morwell" and was renowned throughout the state as an expert tradesman. His shop was next to the Colonial Bank.


Rayner's Tea Rooms

Princes Drive, Morwell Looking east along the Princes Highway, Morwell, from the railway level crossing near Church Street, 1946. Morwell Post office was built in 1955 on the vacant block to the left of Rayner's Tea Rooms.


Robert Tulloch's Newsagency

Commercial Road, Morwell c. 1903 The site of the present Spotlight store. Robert Tulloch was the son of William Tulloch, well know for his interest in the brown coal industry and his work as a builder and contractor in Morwell District. This newsagency was only one of a number of businesses that he and his sons operated.


Wilson's Bakery

Commercial Road East, Morwell In the early 1900s, W. Wilson was a foreman of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, formed in 1914 after the fires of 1912


J. M. Dusting's Saddlery

Commercial Road c. 1908. Situated at the eastern end of Commercial Road, this shop was amongst those burnt in the fire of 31st December 1912 Others burnt were the "Advertiser" office, Miss McWhae's Fancy Good's Shop and Kleine's Butchery