Bennett's Creek School 2202


This school was opened on 27th October 1879, it was originally known as Hazelwood North School. The name was changed to Bennett’s Creek in 1889. From 1885 to 1898 the school was placed on a half-time basis, firstly with Hazelwood North school No. 2382, (originally called Maryvale East) then with Jeeralang School No.3004. Full-time status was regained in 1898 but the school was closed permanently in 1903. The school building was removed in 1904 and the site was sold to Mr. John Larkin in 1906.


1879-1881 William Francis
1881-1883 Daniel Aherne
1883-1884 Amy M. Bock
1884-1888 Richard Jope
1888-1889 John N. Smith
1889-1892 Paul Shugg
1892-1895 Elizabeth Davies
1896-1897 John W. Johnston
1897-1900 George Hatfield
1901 Helen Northey
1901-1903 Margaret Regan