Hazelwood North School 2382


This school was officially opened on 28th. July 1881. The site was approximately four miles South-West of Morwell. It was originally known as Maryvale East School, but this was very confusing as the school was not within the boundaries of the old Maryvale cattle run, but within the confines of the Northern section of the Hazelwood station. The name was changed to Hazelwood North in 1914. The early years were a struggle for the school and it had to operate on a half-time basis with Bennett’s Creek school from 1883 until 1889. At about the turn of the century the school was moved to its present site in Church Road, the site was approximately one mile North and nearer to Morwell.


1881-1884 Amy Bock
1884-1888 Richard Jope
1888-1901 John Smith
1901-1906 Lillian Harper
1907-1908 Kate Zillman
1908-1909 Elizabeth Davey
1909-1912 John Jefferson
1913-1916 John McLean
1917 John Mollison
1917-1918 Agnes Stevens
1919-1922 William Watson
1922-1925 James Douglas
1925-1928 Dorothy Chapple
1928-1930 Roma Matchett
1931-1932 Miss G. E. McConachy
1933-1934 Gordon Mitchell
1934-1950 Richard Cahill
1950-1952 Albert P. Higgins
1953-1955 Ivan Tilbury
1955-1957 Raymond Clark
1957-1960 Desmond Hackett
1961-1962 Robert Williams
1962-1968 Bramwell LeLievre
1968-1969 Michael Webb
1969-1973 John Smethurst
1973-1974 Bernard Perrett
1974-1977 David Lewis
1978-1979 Brian Smith
1980 Noel Brown