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February 1991 Vol 7 No. 1&2
Red Cross Calling - Appeal
History of Morwell Red Cross - J Cafiso
"The Rules of War" Herald-Sun 31.1.1991
The Night the Planes Came Down- Account of event February 1945
"The Landing"  - March 1945
RHSV  - Items of Interest February 1991
"A Wartime Memory" - Gordon Marlin
The Bolding Family of Hazelwood North - Mrs Thelma Jones
March 1991 Vol 7 No. 3
"A Family of Soldiers" The McKenzies of Hazelwood North
RHSV - History News March 1991
"Our Family Were Gippslanders in the 1850s" Lowe/Thomson/Koenig/Cameron by Dorothy Fogarty
April 1991 Vol 7 No. 4
Report of visit to Scrubby Forest, home of Carmen McKay
Upcoming Genealogy Lectures by Col. Iain Swinnerton
Upcoming Regional Meeting of Gippsland Historical Societies
RHSV - Items of Interest
MHS Annual Report
MHS Financial Report
"Scrubby Forest" by I.T. Maddern
Great Fire at Morwell - "Advertiser" March 7 1890
Alarming Fire in Morwell - "Advertiser" August 2 1912
Disastrous Fire in Morwell "Advertiser" January 3 1913
Gippsland Roundup Vol 6 No. 1 1991
May 1991 Vol 7 No. 5
Death of Gwen Medew
Municipal Directory 1956 - Counties of Buln Buln and Tanjil
Reminiscences of Yallourn - Mrs Valerie Reeve (nee Ellerton)
"Bathing Fashions",  from "The Australian Enquiry Book of Household & General Information"  by Mrs Lance Rawson 1894
Gladsome Retrospect - Valerie Margaret Reeve
Jeeralang North School 1934-35 - Gwenda Booth (nee Jones)
"Practice Makes Perfect", from  "The Australian Enquiry Book of Household & General Information"  by Mrs Lance Rawson 1894
"Child Lost", Found in Crab hole "Advertiser" 22.7.1904
Report on Regional History Conference held at Port Albert
June 1991 Vol 7 No. 6
Received copy of "The Matthews Family of Lockhart" by Mr Max Robinson
Tribute to Gwen Medew by Dorothy Fogarty
Help wanted by Mrs M Coulson and John Pearson re. WW1 Nurses
Excerpt from " The Matthews Family of Lockhart"  by Max Robinson
Obituary - Mr J.B. Hoyle "Advertiser" June 10 1921
Unveiling Morwell "Soldiers Memorial", "Advertiser" June 10 1921
1877 map of County of Maryvale of Buln Buln
"We Deliver!!" .. the mailman of 1863
RHSV - Items of Interest
"The Chronicle" Items of interest - date uncertain
July 1991 Vol 7 No. 7
An account of the Walker family of "Riverdale" by Adrian Walker
Hazelwood North Primary School Honour Board
Faulkner's founder relinquishing his business "Express" 2/7/1991
Yinnar Butter Factory on National Trust Register
Last Overburden removed from Yallourn - "Express" June 1991
Joseph Walker 1843-1925
Emily Walker's Diary 1884
August 1991 Vol 7 No. 8
Help wanted - Origin of Morwell's KARMA Theatre
RHSV - Items of Interest
The State Library neglect, Herald-Sun July 29 1991
Emily Walker's Diary 1884
The Latrobe Valley Airfields - Mr Roger Vanstan
Invitation to Traralgon Historical Society Annual Dinner
Famous Last Words!!
RHSV - Items of Interest
September 1991 Vol 7 No. 9
John Pearson to be guest speaker in September
Request from LV Regional Library for contribution to microfilm printer
Donation of $500 towards library printer
Request from GBH Sale for contributions to upcoming book
Emily Walker's Diary 1884
Shari Aubrey - Local History Assignment, Morwell War Work WW2
"Musings on Mobility" - War Memorial/Palm Trees
October 1991 Vol 7 No. 10
"Firmin Family of Yinnar", photograph donated by Susan Hunt
"The Morwell Players" letter to Frank Farr from Perc Mooney
Morwell District Enlistments in World War 1 - talk by John Pearson
Upcoming CGS Seminar "Perceptions of the Landscape"
Emily Walker's diary 1884
November 1991 Vol 7 No.  11
Death of Morwell last WW1 veteran - Jack Medew
"Morwell and Yinnar Gazette" on Microfilm
"Moss Vale Park" presented by Dorothy Fogarty from "Francis Moss and Moss Vale Park"  A. M Blundell 1956
Request for info on Cars and owners pre WW1 from Malcolm Grant
Emily Walker's Diary 1884 (final)
Morwell and WW1 by Peter Schulz - Local History Studies
 January 1992 Vol 8 No. 1
Invitation to participate in Centenary of Municipality of Morwell 1992
Invitation to "back-to" Hernes Oak
Invitation to EGHS Award presentation to Helen Clothier
Holiday Reading: Over the Top with Jim/Portraits/With its Hat About its Ears/Somewhere in France
Help Wanted - more on Malcolm Grant's request
Fired engine keeps on pumping "Herald-Sun" 23/12/1991
February 1992 Vol 8 No. 2
New Logo for City of Morwell
Early Motor Vehicles - Morwell and District - more from Mal Grant
Launch of Micro Reader at Morwell Library
The Coming of the Motor Car May 1908
Death of Dr. H.R. Horne May 8 1908
Coach Capsizes 8/5/08
More Accidents May 1908
"Morwell a Century Ago" Morwell and Yinnar Gazette February 11 1892
"Morwell Advertiser" February 26 1892
Red Cross Services - Jessie Cafiso
Various pics of Red Cross in action "Express" October 30 1990, March 21 1991
History of Morwell Red Cross Unit by Jessie Cafiso
Red Cross Society items from "Advertiser" June 1915
March 1992 Vol 8 No. 3
Gippsland Heritage Journal now available on cassette
Launch of Microfilm Reader/Printer
"Across the Old Bush Track" Dorothy Squires-Taylor launched at "back-to" Hernes Oak
100 Years Ago! St Patrick's Day Racing/Morwell Turf Club/Severance of Shires of Traralgon and Narracan
The Keegan Family - Mr Jack Keegan
A Walk Along the Railway Line, Morwell-Mirboo Line
April 1992 Vol 8 No. 4
Deaths of Mrs Taylor and Mr Cyril Hare
RHSV - Items of Interest April 1992
The House Behind the Trees by Merv Medew
Budgeree School to be disposed of
Donations: Across the Old Bush Track/A Tale of Two Pioneers - Philip and Mary Keegan
Rules for Teachers 1879
Rules for Teachers 1915
Report on Back to Hernes Oak by Dorothy Taylor
Report on Morwell Bridge-Morwell West Reunion by Dorothy Bartlett
A Trip to Jeeralang by Wanderoo 7/4/1892
Severance from the Shire of Traralgon "Advertiser" March 1892
The Moe Swamp Strike "Advertiser" 8/4/1892
May 1992 Vol 8 No. 5
Comparing 1892 with 1992, "Traralgon HS Newsletter - K.M. Huffer
"Our Own Identity" Municipal Matters/Shire Severance/New Shire of Morwell - Advertiser May 1892
Ads "Morwell Advertiser" May 1892
"Manuscript Memoir" by James Pennycuick
Office Bearers 1992-93
RHSV - Items of Interest
"Duty Nobly Done" by John Pearson now available
Donation of videos, "50 Years of Service" - SEC/"Brown Power" - Dorothy McGuiness
"Ouch"! Concert at Yinnar/Correspondence "Morwell Advertiser" March 24 1892
RHSV - Items of Interest
"Across the Old Bush Track" - Dorothy Squires, now available
Morwell Police Court "Advertiser" March 18 1892
June 1992 Vol 8 No. 6
"Heart of the Valley" by Stephen Legg, launched
Received Morwell Co-op documents after its winding up
MHS Annual Report
"Shire Severance", Morwell Advertiser June 10 1892
"The Budgeree Creamery", Morwell Advertiser June 10 1892
"A Voice from the Street", musings about The Election by Pickle, "Advertiser" June 10 1892
Some Notes on the Early History of Morwell Co-op
Letter of Request to members of Morwell Co-op 1959
RHSV - Items of Interest
Upcoming State Conference at Daylesford
July 1992 Vol 8 No. 7
A plea to Council for new rooms for our storage and display
100 Years Ago, Maryvale Eucalyptus Factory/Total Abstinence Society/Football
Candidates in first Shire Council "Advertiser" July 15 1892
The Auchterlonie Collection "The Age" June 9 1992
"How Batman Bought his Land"
Upcoming CGS Annual History Conference / Strathfieldsaye
RHSV - Items of Interest
August 1992 Vol 8 No. 8
Letter of reply from Council
The Donaldson and Irving Families - by John Irving
St Patrick's Day Races at Morwell 1900-1935, by Mr Dennis Quinn
The Elections, "Morwell Advertiser" August 26 1892
News in Brief/A Voice from the Street, "Advertiser" September 2 1892
Tribute to Mrs Janet Millar McElroy July 24 1992
RHSV - Items of Interest
A Story of Epic Courage - War Report "Advertiser" December 14 1942
Barbara MacKay - Memory Lane with Ivan Maddern
Historic Buildings Council Newsletter August 1992
September 1992 Vol 8 No. 9
Our Upcoming  Centenary Exhibitions
Cassette recording available of Mr Des Bennett's talk
New Historical Society - Yinnar
Sketches of Morwell businesses from "Morwell & Mirboo Gazette" December 1889
MHS Newsletter 25/5/64 - Early Morwell/The First Morwell Shire Council 1892
MHS Newsletter 20/7/64 - Morwell/Early Council Business
Extracts from "Gippsland Roundup" Vol 7 N0. 3
CGS Conference "Buildings and Heritage" at Strathfieldsaye
RHSV - items of Interest
Sketch of Railway Crossing from "Morwell & Mirboo Gazette" December 1889
October 1992 Vol 8 No. 10
Report on Centenary Exhibitions
RHSV - Items of Interest
Address to Centenary Council Meeting 14/9/1992 - Stephen Legg
Donations from: Nancy and Graham Gordon/Morwell Sacred Heart
Tribute to Ann Ferguson Lindsay September 1992
Multum in Parvo /Temperance Meeting, "Morwell & Mirboo Gazette" September 1 1892
Morwell Shire Council/Dairymen & Fruit Growers Assn/Factory and Creamery Notes, "Morwell & Mirboo Gazette" September 14 1892
November 1992 Vol 8 No. 11
More sketches of Morwell businesses
RHSV - Items of Interest
Thank you letter from Sacred Heart Parish 20/10/1992
The Vary Family of Driffield compiled by Michael Hobgen 1986
Topics of the Week, "Morwell Advertiser" December 9 1892
Ads from "Advertiser" November 25 1892
Buildings and Heritage Conference
Local Scenes by Wanderoo - The Old Morwell, Morwell & Mirboo Gazette April 1890
Local Scenes by Wanderoo - The Gravel Pits, Morwell & Mirboo Gazette February 1890
Local Scenes by Wanderoo - The Bottomless Pit, Morwell & Mirboo Gazette 28/1/1890
Upcoming Blucher Family Reunion
Reminiscences and Letter from Max Woollard
January 1993 Vol 9 No. 1
Report on the Blucher Family Reunion
The Decade 1901-1910
The Great Morwell Coal Mining Company September 1940
Gippsland's First Railway from "The Genealogist" June 1992
Definitions of Currency "Sydney Gazette July 1832
Searching for "Hidden Melbourne"
February 1993 Vol 9 No. 2
Hopeful of using the old Town Hall for our rooms
Received the history of APM compiled by John Davidson
RHSV - Items of Interest
The Decade 1911-1920
Bushfires - I.T. Maddern 26/10/64
Early Morwell by I.T. Maddern, The Great Victorian Bushfire of 1851
Some notable events of 1964
March 1993 Vol 9 No. 3
Confirmation of our use of the Old Town Hall
RHSV - Items of Interest
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" July 30 1942
Was There an Earthquake/Temporary Public Library/Essay on a Banana January 1935
"My 15th Birthday - Black Friday 13 January 1939" by Gwenda Y. Booth 1993
She's Apples
Successful Business Man - Norm Sharpe, "Advertiser" November 28 1935
April 1993 Vol 9 No. 4
Election of Office bearers
Lease signed for Old Town Hall
MHS Annual Report
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" August 6 1942
MHS News 10/7/65 "Place Names in Gippsland" by I.T. Maddern
Report on the Family and Local History Expo at Sale
Keith Boston's "Talking Machines"
"Get scents of History" new theatre at Southgate
May 1993 Vol 9 No. 5
Work starts on our new home at the Old Town Hall
Junior Historians at Commercial Road
Morwell Public Library "Advertiser" 1937
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" August 13 1942
Early Morwell by I.T. Maddern from MHS News 25/3/1963
RHSV - Items of Interest
June 1993 Vol 9 No. 6
More work on our new premises
Invitation from Traralgon HS for excursion to Royal Mint and Police Museum
Corrections to "Early Morwell" in last issue
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" August 20 1942
Historic Shipwrecks Act Amnesty by Alan Roberts
Where History Live On by Keith Dunstan "Herald-Sun" May 26 1993
RHSV - Items of Interest
July 1993 Vol 9 No. 7
Relocation of the Ivan Maddern Memorial Park Bench
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" August 27 1942
Letter to the Editor re "Harking Back"
"Post war suffering" by Brad Newsome in "Herald Sun" July 13 1993
RHSV - Items of Interest
August 1993 Vol 9 No. 8
More on the Ivan Maddern Memorial Park Bench
Cassette recording available of Mr Will McRoberts account of Morwell
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" Sept 3 1942
"Nostalgia" a poem
Graeme Johnstone article in Herald Sun August 6 1993
"When Children went out to play" Herald Sun 10.9.1993
RHSV - Items of Interest
September 1993 Vol 9 No. 9
More work on our new premises
Launch of "Women of the Valley -Morwell and District 1884-1944
For Sale - 1850s Heirloom Family Bible
Invitation to "Yallourn Revisited" exhibition
Upcoming Back to Yallourn North Primary School
"Crossroads" seeking people with forgotten skills - Herald Sun Sept 13 1993
Items of Interest from "Australia All Over" September 12
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" Sept 10 1942
Nicol Brown - Police Report
"Robot Milkmaids" Herald Sun Sept 13 1993
RHSV - items of Interest
October 1993 Vol 9 No. 10
Receipt of architects' plan of Murdoch's Building
Upcoming "Yallourn Revisited" exhibition
Did you know that in 1752 we lost 11 days?
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" Sept 17 1942
RHSV - Items of Interest
November 1993 Vol 9 No. 11
Donation of Morwell Caledonia Society Minute Book
Historical Walks in Morwell - Grades 5&6 Commercial Road State School
Upcoming Heritage Week Festival
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" Sept 24 1942
Invitation to opening of John Irving Archive Building at Port Albert Maritime Museum
"SEC News" Bows out - last edition
The Walsh Family by Mr Ben Walsh
January 1994 Vol 10 No. 1
Beginning of our tenth year and moving in to our new premises
Death of Jim Bush
"Historic Walks in Morwell" by Grade V&VI available for sale at the school
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" October 1 1942
Some articles from Fellow Historical Societies Newsletters
RHSV - Items of Interest
February 1994 Vol 10 No. 2
Call for volunteers to help with cataloguing
"Loyal Patriot" James Charles Bush "Herald-Sun" 18/1/1994
"Harking Back" by Llew Vary "Morwell Advertiser and Gazette" October 8 1942
Our oldest building under threat - St Mary's Anglican Church
Red Cross Calling!
Hazelwood Cemetery Trust: A History by Claire Wood
Bush and Grass Fires Sweep District "Advertiser" February 17 1944
Several articles, including List of Victims, regarding the fires "Advertiser" Feb 24 1944
March 1994 Vol 10 No. 3
Upcoming excursion to "The Poplars" home of Mr Bernie Walsh
Snippets from our early newspapers
"Federation party push" by Derek Ballantyne Herald-Sun
RHSV - Items of Interest
April 1994 Vol 10 No. 4
CGS - Investigations of cataloguing for our Society
Upcoming Heritage Walk
Donation from Moe HS: Three Lifetimes of Dairying in Victoria" Ken Sillcock
Upcoming excursions and Guest Speakers
Notes from "Gippsland Roundup" V9N1 1994
Changing Styles in Journalism
"Just a Moment - Old times by Ted McDonald Herald-Sun Jan 20 1994
MHS Financial Report
Family History Resources in the RHSV Library
May 1994 Vol 10 No. 5
Dot and Gordon Taylor moving to Queensland
Report on Excursion to Middle Creek - Eric Lubcke
Report on Regional Meeting of Gippsland Historical Societies
"Heritage on the Move" walk around Morwell
Book launch "On the Ridge, a history of the Shire of Mirboo 1894-1994"  by John Murphy
Haunted Hills/Hernes Oak Remembered, unveiling of plaque at lookout
Thanks from Dot and Gordon
"The Way it Was" by A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
RHSV - Items of Interest
June 1994 Vol 10 No. 6
Yallourn Power Station memorabilia "retrieved"
Cassette available of Mrs Linda Powter's talk on the Rae Family
Reunion of  "Georgina" passengers
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
"Lets trumpet Melbourne Day" Keith Dunstan "Herald-Sun" May 25 1994
"Foundation Day" proposal
Yallourn Fire brigade trophies donated to MHS pic. from "CONTACT" June 8 1994
July 1994 Vol 10 No. 7
"The Payne Family of Budgeree" Miss E.A.C. Payne
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
RHSV - Items of Interest
August 1994 Vol 10 No. 8
Death of Miss Kathleen Ida Green
Our display now open to the public
"The Green Family of Morwell" various sources
King's and Queen's Scouts of Strzelecki District - Glen Billington
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
RHSV - Items of Interest
Future imperfect - Just a moment by Deborah Connors "Herald-Sun"
September 1994 Vol 10 No. 9
Morwell Guide units have compiled their own histories
"Yallourn Was," by Prue McGoldrick, to be made into a "Talking Book"
Yallourn Heritage Trail letter from Joanne Newey
Obituary - Mr E.(Ned) Kelleher "Advertiser" February 24 1911
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
Upcoming CGS Conference "Putting Gippsland on the Map"
October 1994 Vol 10 No. 10
Imminent demise of Municipality of Morwell
Soon to be dismantled Yallourn Power Station
Diagram of Proposed Rural Super Councils
Upcoming launch of "My Paddock" by Prue McGoldrick
Launch of "Wednesdays Closest to the Full Moon" Barry Collett
Sad Drowning Case, Advertiser October 22 1897
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
RHSV - Items of Interest
Yallourn Power Station history to be retained "CONTACT" September 1994
November 1994 Vol 10 No. 11
Upcoming Historic Walk
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
Early Gippsland Anglicans MHS News I.T. Maddern V1 N23
January 1995 Vol 11 No. 1
Request for WW2 reminiscences for our newsletter
"Mainstreet" organisation suggestions wanted
Distinguished members: Lou and Leila Bond / Eric Lubcke
Naming ceremony for Morwell Reserve
Jack Evans' Story
Crash of the "Hudson" by the pilot, Syd Wickham
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
Latrobe Regional Gallery Exhibition - Louie B Riggall (1868-1918)
February 1995 Vol 11 No. 2
Editor's lament: Death of the computer - typewriter sold!
Honour for 60 years service - Lou Bond, "Express" January 27 1995
Jack Evans' Story
"My Paddock" by Prue McGoldrick reviewed in "The Weekly Times" Nov 30 1994
RHSV - Items of Interest
World War Two - On the Home Front by Prue McGoldrick
March 1995 Vol 11 No. 3
Our newsletter to be published second monthly due to costs
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
Gordon Cook's Story
Map of Kokoda Trail
Dedication of Yallourn North War Memorial
Upcoming CGS Conference - Putting Gippsland on the Map
Upcoming AIGS - Family History Open Day
May 1995 Vol 11 No. 4
Jobskills Programme offer to help with cataloguing
Local records in danger of removal from Gippsland
AGM President's Report
Dedication of Yallourn North War Memorial
The Koenig Letters - Eric Lubcke
Another Heritage Walk!
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
"Glimpses of Pioneer Days" Jesse William Huggett 1919
'Do you remember the Blackout?", A.R.P. Bulletin No3 1941
Documentation before demolition - Yallourn Power Station
Proposed sale of Royal Mint "Herald-Sun" March 7 1995
July 1995 Vol 11 No. 5
Two Jobskills Program helpers hard at work with cataloguing and filing
Our Collection Policy being considered
Another successful Heritage Walk with Will McRoberts/Lou Bond/Eric Lubcke
Tom Lawless' War
Natalie Roy's War
RHSV - Items of Interest
Jeeralang Junction by Murray Thompson 1977
Where have all the Time Capsules Gone?
Morwell's National Bank "Advertiser" 1958
A Letter from France - Tom Koenig donated by Eric Lubcke
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
September 1995 Vol 12 No. 6
Cassette available of Dennis Quinn's talk on the Anzac tradition
Items acquired from old Yallourn Power Station
Special Grant cheque for $500 from LaTrobe Council
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
A New Lease of Life for old St Mary's
Upcoming CGS  "Mechanics Institutes of Gippsland" Conference
Thomas Sanders by Murray Thompson 1976
Various articles about "Australia Remembers" memories of the war years
November 1995 Vol 12 No. 6
Cataloguing and opening times reviewed
"The Ford" Murray Thompson October 1977
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
January 1996 Vol 13 No. 1
Lavinia Park by Andy Coleman
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
Upcoming RHSV - Heritage Week
Photos: Les Hare's Garage/Sharpe's Emporium staff/D.C. Mills store
March 1996 Vol 13 No. 2
Public meeting with LaTrobe Council
Historical Precinct at Commercial Road State School
AIGS and GSV listing of cemeteries
St Matthew's Yinnar de-licensed
History is losing its past glory "Herald-Sun" March 5 1996
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
May 1996 Vol 13 No. 3
Editor explains previous newsletter numbering system glitch!
Copies of our photos of Commercial Road and Tarwin Street available for sale
Combined Historical Societies to work together
Office Bearers for 1996-97
RHSV - Items of Interest
"The Way it Was" A.R. Fish
Land Measurements, "Bairnsdale Advertiser" 22 June 1895
Photos: St Mary's C of E and Commercial Road State School - Historic Precinct
Photo: Morwell Rotary Club 50 years of Service 1946-1996
Did You Know?
July 1996 Vol 13 No. 4
Reviewed opening times
Allocation of $500 from LaTrobe Council
Donation from Dept. of Infrastructure: East Coast Shipwrecks by D.J. Jordan
Dept. of Infrastructure: Prospectus for Gippsland Heritage Project
Joyce Cleary Remembers Sharpe's
Turton's Creek School Marker and Book Launch
Violet Leviston - farewell June 5
Photo: Morwell District Coursing Club members - Bracelet Stakes Day 1908
"The Better Farming Train" by Nettie Cranwell 1935
September 1996 Vol 13 No. 5
Death of Perc Mooney
Donation" Rintoull Family History compiled by Mary Ireland
Excursion along the old Morwell-Mirboo North railway line
Upcoming CGS Conference - Gippsland's Rural Schools
Memories of the Mirboo Line
University of New England -Courses in Local, Family and Applied History
Some Extracts from "Ollie's Story" Oliver Keith Barton 1924-1971
A Trip Through the Gluepot by Rev Henry Hyde 1917
November 1996 Vol 13 No. 6
Report: CGS Conference "Gippsland's Rural Schools"
Upcoming Heritage Walk
What's Happening? Renovations St Mary's Anglican Church/Church Street Fiesta display/Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Centenary/History of Morwell businesses
Smithy's Last Flight "Sun News Pictorial" November 9 1935
RHSV - Items of Interest
January 1997 Vol 14 No. 1
Another Heritage Walk
Meredith Fletcher guest speaker at our end of year meeting
Donation of computer from LaTrobe Shire for our use
Invitation Eric Lubcke 80th birthday
Australia Post Delivers!
Upcoming Kingsford Smith Centenary Celebrations
Famous Airman Visits Morwell in "Southern Cross" Advertiser Nov. 3 1932
Returned Soldiers and Citizens meet Sir Chas. Kingsford Smith
The Peace Loan Aeroplane Visits Morwell "Advertiser" 12 September 1919
Aeroplane Wrecked at Traralgon - Engine Goes Wrong
Papers by Aeroplane "Advertiser" 23 July 1920
March 1997 Vol 14 No. 2
Kingsford-Smith Centenary/President's 80th
Glasses and Coffee Mugs screen printed
"History of Morwell Open Cut" - donation
St Mary's Church open to public
Morwell Players - donation of trophies and awards
Visit to Traralgon Historical Society
The Morwell Players by Perc Mooney
Morwell safe for 50 years 1946
St Mary's Church - History
Morwell Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary 1946
May 1997 Vol 14 No. 3
Office Bearers 1996/97
Our changing display in Subway shop
LaTrobe Shire invitation for displays in municipal offices
Cataloguing continues with help from Michael Binz
Report: Combined Historical Societies Meeting
Upcoming Strzelecki Biography - Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki
We're Changing our Sign
Meet the Computer
RHSV - Items of Interest
Heritage Trail Proposed - Mr Peter Leslie
Advance Morwell "Advertiser" January 6 1928
Upcoming CGS Conference - There's No Place Like Home"
July 1997 Vol 14 No. 4
Eric Lubcke resigns
Correction from last month's newsletter
Our display in the showcase at Morwell Shire Office
Strzelecki Festival 200th anniversary of birth of Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki
Polish Art Exhibition
Morwell Fights the Flu "Advertiser" 14 February 1919
Emergency Hospital - Celebrating its Closing, "Advertiser" August 29 1919
September 1997 Vol 14 No. 5
New president: Stephen Hellings
Cataloguing Committee disbanded, Ted/Eric/Bruce/Dot/Joyce
Strzelecki Exhibition was impressive
Hunt for History on Film for upcoming "Our Century" Herald-Sun 1/8/1997
A Chemist on the Coalfields by Joan Poynter
RHSV - Items of Interest
Call for compulsory history lessons "Sunday Herald Sun" 23 March 1997
Upcoming CGS Conference - There's No Place Like Home"
November 1997 Vol 14 No. 6
Threatened closure of CGS
Formation of Latrobe Shire Combined History Group
Strzelecki Festival a Success
Photos from Tenterfield - Morwell in the 1930s/40s
Morwell Bridge crossing - possible site of Cultural Significance
Photo: Godridge family outside Morwell Bridge Club
January 1998 Vol 15 No. 1
Patrick Morgan receives award
Volunteer Michael Farrell start cataloguing
One of the Palm Trees vandalised
More on Morwell Bridge crossing
LaTrobe Shire Combined History Group first meeting
Aeroplane Visits Morwell "Advertiser" 19 March 1920
Gippsland Schooldays - Muriel Feehan (nee Williams)/Bruce McMaster, remember
Photo: Coleman children off to school
Invitation to Commercial Road Primary School 120 years celebrations
March 1998 Vol 15 No. 2
Donation: Framed Lodge certificate Mr George Norman Johnson April 1928
Combined History Group Report
Our latest display in the foyer of LaTrobe House
A Century Ago-The Gippsland Bushfires "A Souvenir History of Morwell" I.T. Maddern
Memories of Commercial Road School - Various members remember
Morwell Post Office
Upcoming Exhibition: Victorian Buildings and Builders - Gippsland
May 1998 Vol 15 No. 3
Office Bearers 1998/99
Thank You presentation to Eric Lubcke
Visitors to the Information Centre
Upcoming Hazelwood Cemetery Walk
Upcoming excursion to Coal Creek by Traralgon HS
Upcoming launch of "Jericho on the Jordan" Gaye Rogers
Upcoming Gippsland History Conference
We are on the internet
Bridle Family home to be restored
Photo collection from "Snapping up the Past" donated by Rev. David Pargeter
The Wonders of Modern Technology
Pa's Rolls Royce by Joyce Cleary
The Case of the Misplaced Telegram - visit of the Duke of Gloucester to Morwell 1934
First Church Service in the Morwell District - June 4 1848
July 1998 Vol 15 No. 4
Centre Club Hotel closes to become pizza restaurant
Hazelwood Cemetery Walk with Lou Bond
150th anniversary church service at St Luke's Uniting Church
Family Life in Yallourn 1956 - Prue McGoldrick
From the President's Fact File - Fire Brigade
Preserving Our Heritage - several items of interest
September 1998 Vol 15 No. 5
Mirboo North-Morwell Railway display
Cataloguing progress
From the President's Fact File - Mechanics Institute Hall
Memories of the Mirboo Line
Morwell's Club Hotel
Abattoir Closes
Photos: Morwell's Club Hotel - Then and Now
November 1998 Vol 15 No. 6
Upcoming International Six Day Enduro Championship display
From the President's Fact File - Morwell's Newspapers
Armistice Day
Invitation to Mirboo and District HS Armistice Day commemoration
Trivia answers
January 1999 Vol 16 No. 1
$500 from Hazelwood Power for heritage signage
Call for more volunteers for cataloguing
$750 from Latrobe Shire for computer upgrade
Federation - What do you know about it?
Whatever happened to ... Post Office Clock/John Rintoull's Anvil/The Hub/Memorial Oak Tree?
A Suburb in the making "Advertiser" 9 December 1937
The New A.P.M. Settlement "Advertiser" 15 February 1940
March 1999 Vol 16 No. 2
More cataloguing by Mick Farrell
Central Business District recording group under way
Whatever happened to ... some answers
Upcoming Heritage Walk through the Rose Garden
The Morwell Pottery
A Date with Confusion - the new millennium
La Trobe v Latrobe
May 1999 Vol 16 No. 3
Office Bearers for 1999
FOUND!! John Rintoull's Anvil!
Donations - Various
Light Horse & Field Museum visit
Computer grant of $750 from LaTrobe Shire
Working in Morwell - Jean Mooney/Lou Bond
July 1999 Vol 16 No. 4
Donation: Gippsland My Home Ground by Father Frank Ruth
Donations: Amy's Diaries/Against the Odds/From Melbourne to England - Connie Keat
Donation: Garden in the Valley by Jean Galbraith
Historic Markers - update
RHSV - is moving
Deplorable and Disgusting Conditions at Coal Mine!
Battle for Australia Commemoration Day
"White City"
S.E.C. Housing Project "Advertiser" August 24 1950
Working in Morwell District - Lou Bond
My Working Years in Morwell - Jean Mooney
September 1999 Vol 16 No. 5
Thanks - Gippsland Water/Marion Holding/Flo Lamb/Sheila Moody/ LaTrobe Shire/ member Volunteers
Grant application for copying minute and rate books
Traralgon HS trip to Lilydale Historical Museum
Powerworks Night Tour
Traralgon HS web page
A Hundred Years Ago - 1899
My Working Years in Morwell - Jean Mooney
Working in Morwell District-The Timber Industry - Lou Bond
November 1999 Vol 16 No. 6
Short biography of Lou Bond for his 90th birthday
Mike Farrell and Kym Tunbridge still cataloguing
Still More Trivia!
My Working Years in Morwell - Jean Mooney
Working in Morwell District-Bushfires in the area - Lou Bond
From Mrs Lance Rawson's Australian Cook & Laundry Book - 1897
January 2000 Vol 17 No. 1
Our current tenure looks doubtful
Combined History Group questions Shire on Heritage Policy
Michael Farrell retires from cataloguing - thanks Mick
Photographic project - Morwell 2000 - under way
Permission granted to erect site signs
Donation from Alan and Rosalie Davey
Upcoming Traralgon HS excursion to Tarraville
Trivia answers
Looking Back - Transport, by Lou Bond
March 2000 Vol 17 No. 2
$2,500 grant for computer upgrade
Excursion to "White City"
Heritage Signs
Local Involvement in the Boer War
Recent Reunions: Church of England Fellowship/ Woolworth's Store
Upcoming Celebration of Roses Festival
Airlie Bank Homestead to be opened
Dedication of Maryvale Memorial Gates "Advertiser" February 12 1953
May 2000 Vol 17 No. 3
Office Bearers
Latest on our Housing Crisis!
Upcoming Cemetery Walk
Airlie Bank Gallery open
Traralgon Historical Society excursion to Protea Farm
Airlie Bank
Some useful information - old measurements
PRO Vic opens in Caseledon Place
Centenary of Federation Approaches
Some Recipes for you to try-From Mrs Lance Rawson's Australian Cook & Laundry Book - 1897
July 2000 Vol 17 No. 4
Gippsland Heritage Seminar
Donation of video on Yallourn Power Station
RHS Victoria - 4-day excursion
More on our imminent move
Three Lives of the "Emden" Steam Whistle
Eighty Years Ago - notable events "Advertiser"
RHSV - Items of Interest
September 2000 Vol 17 No. 5
We have moved to Church Street
Kym Tunbridge to call it a day - thanks Kym
Opening times under discussion
Farewell Valma Plant
Donations from SECV: six videos of Yallourn and SEC
News from Here and There
Yallourn North and District HS taking shape
A Trip to the Gippsland Coalfields, 27 June 1874
November 2000 Vol 17 No. 6
Visit by RHSV
Sharing our premises with Morwell Art Group
Looking Back: Police Wanted at Morwell/Township Improvements
Federation - Some Facts
When Children went out to play - "Herald-Sun" 10.8.1993
January 2001 Vol 18 No. 1
Vale Jean Mooney
Upcoming Centenary of Federation Parade
Upcoming display: Celebration of the Women of Gippsland
Zenna Rintoull - Morwell's First School Teacher
Maryvale Ridge School No. 1939
RHSV - Items of Interest
March 2001 Vol 18 No. 2
Upcoming Traralgon HS trip to National Trust's Gulf Station
Grades 3&4 visit to our Society
Plants of Significance to the Ganai Community
Dad's War Stuff - The Diaries
Rules for Teachers - 1897
Rules for Teachers - 1915
200 year Commemoration of Churchill island
Fancy a Flying Fox? Recipe from Mrs Lance Rawson's Australian Cook & Laundry Book - 1897
Talkies for Morwell! "Advertiser" July 24 1931
May 2001 Vol 18 No. 3
Centenary of Federation Parade a success
Office Bearers for the coming year
Upcoming "Celebration of Women's Work" display
Morwell Forty Eight Years Ago "Argus" July 2 1953
Would You Buy This Product? - Dosey-Do "Argus" July 2 1953
Little Could go a Long Way
July 2001 Vol 18 No. 4
"Celebration of Women" Display a Winner!
Collins Street State School No. 4655
Mechanical Vacuum Cleaner
Victorian Federation Exhibition
September 2001 Vol 18 No. 5
Proposed Heritage Walks brochure
Maffra & District HS invitation to Luncheon
Hazelwood Power - Preserving the Cultural Heritage
Donation: Memories of Yallourn, "Jaberanda & Co ..." by Prue McGoldrick
"No Place for a Colony" by Richard Cotter
RHSV - Items of Interest
November 2001 Vol 18 No. 6
Collins Street SS site marker
Collection Management Workshop
Koo-wee-rup Swamp HS visitors
Combined History Group meeting
Request to Council to acquire former National Bank as an Historical Centre
A Brief Outline of Hospital Facilities in Morwell to 1980
Memories of Collins Street - Betty Woolley (nee Winchester)
Betty recalls the "Karma" and Church Street in the fifties
Jan/Feb 2002 Vol 19 No. 1
"Cockies, Townies, Church and the Rest"
Book Launch "Digging People Up for Coal"
Proposed Extension of Hazelwood Open Cut Coal Field
Recent Addition: Biography of Stan Winchester
Recent Addition: "Cows and Coal"
Recent Addition: Press Records of Hazelwood/Churchill from Mr J. Koedijk
Recent Addition: 60 year History of Morwell Caledonian Pipe Band 1939-1999
Recent Addition: Hazelwood Estate School 60th Anniversary Reunion
Recent Addition: Photos and Bricks
Newspaper cuttings - 1962
March 2002 Vol 19 No. 2
Launch of "Digging People Up for Coal" by Dr Meredith Fletcher
Insurance of public and community organizations
Fire in Tulloch's Buildings "Advertiser" 22 November 1929
2002 Victorian Heritage Festival Program
May 2002 Vol 19 No. 3
Heritage Celebrations - Tour of Hazelwood Cemetery/ Town Walk and Talk
Official Launching of our Website
Opening of Old Brown Coal Mine Museum
Obituary - George J Elder-Berwick 11 January 1951
Gilbert Memorial Pulpit Dedicated 19 March 1953
July 2002 Vol 19 No. 4
Boer War Anniversary - 100th anniversary
Sad Death of Sergeant M.T. McDonald, "Gazette" 19 April 1901
Opening of Alexandra Park - "Advertiser" August 5 1904
Quiz Time
September 2002 Vol 19 No. 5
Morwell Players - Return of Bruce Carroll Memorial Plaque
Fire - A Narrow Escape "Advertiser" 26 July 1901
Methodist Church Re-opening "Advertiser" November 23 1950
Premiership Ladder 1950
Quiz Corner
From Our Historical Diary - September
November 2002 Vol 19 No. 6
Annual Dinner Report
Grants for Computer Accessories
Samples from our Collection of Photographs
Mountain Hut Hotel - Information required
Hazelwood Ridge School No. 1768
Electric Train Service for Gippsland "Advertiser" 5 March 1953
Morwell Petty Sessions Advertiser" June 20 1901
From the Classifieds ...
From Our Historical Diary - November
Quiz Corner??
January 2003 Vol 20 No. 1
New Morwell Library
Zenna Rintoull (nee McCrory) 1860-1901
Commonwealth Bank opened November 1 1951
From Our Photographic Collection
From our Wedding File - Brazel-Donohue "Advertiser" 19 April 1901
The Cricketer's Hotel closed "Advertiser" 9 January 1931
Elizabeth Wilmot pre-School Centre "Advertiser" 3 June 1965
From Our Historical Diary - January
Quiz Corner??
March 2003 Vol 20 No. 2
Heritage Activities
"Our Boys" Volume 1
Old Green to be Vacated - Morwell Bowling Club "Advertiser" 9 September 1948
Brown Coal Briquettes "Advertiser" March 26 1926
Morwell Shire Presidents - Lou W. Bond
Death of Early Resident of Hazelwood - Mr Henry Medew Senr "Advertiser" 20 February 1947
From Our Historical Diary - March
Quiz Corner??
May 2003 Vol 20 No. 3
Vale Lou Bond 1909-2003
Death of Mr Hugo Frost-Samuels "Advertiser" January 15 1948
Interesting Bits: Paddle Brothers Shoes/St Vincent's Catholic Church Morwell East
Photo of Dot Bartlett
From our Wedding File - Gude-Watson "Advertiser" November 5 1926
From Our Historical Diary - May
Quiz Corner?
July 2003 Vol 20 No. 4
Vale Lorna Williams
Youth's Narrow Escape "Advertiser" November 19 1926
Police Officer Honoured "Advertiser" 9 December 1948
"As Time Goes By" The Changing Face of Morwell
Another Pioneer Passes, Mrs McMillan "Advertiser "July 30 1926
From Our Wedding File - Beckman-Burney "Advertiser" 14 October 1948
From Our Historical Diary - July
Quiz Corner?
September 2003 Vol 20 No. 5
Kurnai College Morwell Campus to close in 2004
Morwell's Fire Stations
Fire Stations Then and Now
Death of Mr John Flewin "Advertiser" August 1946
Mill visit by Sir Dallas Brooks "Advertiser" October 2 1958
Morwell Shire Presidents: Cr Les Hare
From Our Historical Diary - September
Quiz Corner?
November 2003 Vol 20 No. 6
Annual Dinner
Pride of Workmanship Award
Morwell Church of Christ - Winifred Street
Dr. Sutcliffe Crosses the Bar "Advertiser" June 29 1946
The Great Morwell Coal Mine "Gazette" March 22 1901
Wardrops Open in Morwell "Advertiser" October 5 1950
Quiz Corner?
February 2004 Vol 21 No. 1
Donation of copies of "A Souvenir History of Morwell"  Ivan Maddern
Donation of copies of "History of State Education in Victoria" Ivan Maddern
From Our Wedding File - Winchester-Benn "Advertiser" 8 August 1935
Fire "Advertiser" 31 May 1929
Offensive Behaviour "Advertiser" 29 August 1935
ANZ Bank "Advertiser" July 17 1958
Obituary - Mr E.W. Poynter "Advertiser" 7 February 1935
Quiz Corner?
April 2004 Vol 21 No. 2
Upcoming walks: Hazelwood Cemetery/Morwell's CBD
Office Bearers
Now available: Changing Landscapes" Linda Kennett and Meredith Fletcher
Now available: "History of Morwell High School" I.T. Maddern
Bush Fires near Morwell "Advertiser" 25 March 1948
Masonic Service "Advertiser" August 20 1926
Election of Councillors "Advertiser" 23 August 1901
Hero of Ambon W. Doolan "Advertiser" 4 November 1948
Modern premises for E.S. & A. Bank "Advertiser" January 7 1957
"As Time Goes By" Then and Now - La Mode
Quiz Time!
June 2004 Vol 21 No. 3
Heritage Walks around Hazelwood Cemetery and Morwell CBD
From Our Wedding File - Amiet-Willis "Advertiser" 14 June 1929
Advance Morwell "Advertiser" 2 August 1929
Photo: Mr W.E. Wilson's shop
Obituary - Mr Brinsmead Snr "Advertiser" 29 August 1935
Yallourn Hospital opened "Advertiser" 18 January 1929
From Our Historical Diary - June
Quiz Corner?
August 2004 Vol 21 No. 4
Grant from Federal Govt to purchase Video Recorder
Upgrade of Hazelwood Ridge SS site
Help wanted about identifying bridge site
Store Destroyed "Advertiser" 4 March 1927
Obituary - Mrs Nadenbousch Snr "Advertiser" 4 October 1929
Farewell to Dr Mitchell "Advertiser" 17 April 1947
"As Time Goes By" Then and Now - Town Hall
Railway Services in Gippsland "Advertiser" 25 April 1935
From Our Historical Diary - August
Quiz Corner?
October 2004 Vol 21 No. 5
Brigade Life Member "Advertiser" 5 October 1967
Death of Mr J.B. Jones "Advertiser" 4 October 1929
O'Rourke's Coffee Palace Destroyed "Advertiser" 29 April 1927
Skating Carnival "Advertiser" 9 December 1948
Police Choose Morwell as Headquarters "Advertiser" 9 April 1964
Morwell Fact File
Quiz Corner?
December 2004 Vol 21 No. 6
Significant Events in 2005
Diamond Wedding - Caddaye-Heath "Advertiser" 12 January 1933
Morwell Shire Council 1909 "Advertiser" 3 September 1919
Images of Yesteryear - Hughe's Confectionery 1940s
Presentation made to Bank Manager "Advertiser" 28 July 1955
Tragic Death - Clothes Catch Fire "Advertiser" 6 July 1933
Fire at Picture Show "Advertiser" 10 August 1933